Grimes says she wants to tour as a hologram now

Grimes is currently undergoing a dramatic rebranding: changing her name simply to c, disowning one of her most critically acclaimed albums, and most recently, expressing her desire to tour as a hologram in lieu of traditional live shows.

Speaking to Flaunt magazine, the artist now known as c said wanted “retire from touring“.

Photo by: Zoey Grossman/ Flaunt Magazine

“Why do we keep doing them for dead artists instead of living ones who have stage fright?”

Apart from an appearance on The Tonight Show in December, c hasn’t performed live in over a year. She told Flaunt her desire to perform as a hologram is rooted in the stage fright she experiences

“It’s nightmarish. Apocalyptic. Terrifying, horrible. I can’t hear clapping or cheers — I just hear an echo chamber of death,” c said.

“I black out. Dissociation — I can’t tell what’s happening. After a show I’m always thinking, What happened? And people are like ‘It’s ok!’ I know people like the authenticity of live performance, and I do too. But I’m not a good performer. I’m a director who accidentally fell into this position, and now it’s too late to change. So I need to Gorillaz it — I need to find a way to not have to do the Beyoncé thing as much.”