Grimm Grimm

If you readily immerse yourself into the psychedelic genre, then you’re sure to have heard of Grimm Grimm, the new band from the bassist and vocalist of Screaming Tea Party. If you’re not a cult music fan and it freaks you out a little, you’re not alone, but I suggest you put your fears aside and listen to Grimm Grimm, an acid folk solo project by Koichi Yamanoha.

grimm grimm

Screaming Tea Party’s vocalist, Koichi Yamanoha, has started his own work as Grimm Grimm, defined spacefolk with a healthy dose of unnerving sound manipulation.

Based in London, Grimm Grimm’s sound is cinematic and experimental, with a unique raw quality, achieved by the folk-inspired acoustics, a common motif which defines his work. Koichi plays on contrasts, pairing the clarity of an acoustic guitar with hazy vocals and misty synths. True to the description of space folk, Grimm Grimm is the soundtrack of the sky. In his music, the clouds gradually change and his sound transitions from having the density of a heavy fog to an orb of clarity.

Many of Grimm Grimm’s songs are written in Japanese, and though I can’t speak the language, his words are easily translated through the tone of his sparkling guitar and breathy vocals. Grimm Grimm’s muse is most certainly his imagination, which is colourfully depicted throughout his music, each song representing an individual artwork carefully constructed by its artist.

Music and art share no distance, and are together a form of communication in Grimm Grimm’s work, which is largely experimental yet rings of a profound simplicity. Werner Herzog’s search for the ‘ecstatic truth’ lies at the pinnacle of Koichi’s music, along with an elaborate mix of inspirations such as water towers, ruins and aircrafts.

If you’re interested in a musical experience and journey into contemplation, Grimm Grimm is currently performing at a bunch of different venues, with his most recent show taking place today at the Court Yard Theatre in London. Then you can catch him on summer tour with Le Volume Courbe.

I have no claims as a physic, but I envision Grimm Grimm becoming internationally acclaimed as a solo artist, as he has already gained much respect performing in the local music circuit in the U.K. Plus, he has already had a rich taste of worldwide success as an ex-member of Screaming Tea Party. His music will be available for purchase this summer through Pickpocket Records, the super new label from My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields.



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