Sherpa – Quittime

Sherpa are from New Zealand. They first planted their musical seed back in 2006, which seems like a real long time ago considering today’s high-speed band turnover.  Rest assured, these guys were built to last.

In 2012, they released their self-funded, self-produced and self-released debut album, Lesser Flamingo. New Zealand music blogs and magazines went nuts for it, with Rip It Up describing the record as being “like a peek into the mind of a surrealist artist. You have no idea how the hell someone could fathom such ideas, but you are so glad they did. Sherpa really are a band with no boundaries.”


New Zealand’s favourite rainbow boys, Sherpa, will release their sophomore album Blues & Oranges on May 16th. Here is a lil’ taste to whet the palate.

As with many of the dynamic, break-through artist’s coming out of New Zealand, Australia eventually caught on. And now here I am. Their sophomore album, Blues & Oranges, will be released on the 16th of May, just in time to sit on your iPhone as the perfect soundtrack to the chilly autumnal weather. In the build-up to the release date, Sherpa have been kind enough to throw us a bone in the form of their second single (and insane video), Quittime.

Ready! Steady! Studio! Production are responsible for the mad video, which is like a drug-addled adventure through the desert, complete with strange, half-doll female faces, melted aquamarine ice-cream and goldfish. Its not creepy though. It’s the good sort of insane, the kind that makes you feel like you’re tripping on acid in the Indian desert, just like that video that is doing the rounds of the internet at the moment.

As for the song, if you’re a fan of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, just give it a spin. These guys are also well-known for putting on an insane live performance, full of energy, feathers, insane colour, ear-drum bursting noise and dance. Fingers crossed for an Australian tour following their May 16th release. Grool!