Lanks – Knife and Spear

Melbourne has always produced next level music and Lanks is absolutely no exception. The solo side project of Will Cuming, who also fronts seven piece band Farrow, has only just begun to emerge from the murky city’s music scene but holds a lot of promise in its synthesized magic.

With a debut EP due sometime this year, Lanks has already begun to drop tracks from the forthcoming release and it has my taste buds tingling. Knife and Spear is the latest taste of the new album, and it is an earful of delight. It’s this swirling, layered, textured tune combining electro and folk in a bizarre and beautiful way – it’s all very obvious that Lanks has taken inspiration from artists like Radiohead, Bon Iver, and Jamie xx.

lanksKnife and Spear is only the second tasty morsel we’ve been given by Melbourne producer Lanks, but its more than enough to keep us converted.

There are very traditional electronic moments happening throughout Knife and Spear, but they have been lifted just enough to give them a modern edge. Cuming’s voice is haunting and sounds more like another instrument than the source of vocals. Knife and Spear is exceptionally clean cut, polished to shininess, and it shows the experience of a well-trained and dedicated musician and producer at the helm. You can see and hear the sounds forming themselves – it is sensory overload.

Everything in Knife and Spear connects. The sounds are very sharp; words are accentuated in time with the music. The lyrics do not fight the melody like many songs do. They perfectly compliment each other and work together to create a transcending experience. It layers and swirls and you can actually feel the song growing. I have now listened to the song around 20 times, and each time I hear something different from it. The story becomes more clear and enchanting.

If this is only the first taste of the album, I cannot even begin to imagine what else is to come from Lanks. If he does not release this album soon, I might just lose my mind (or maybe I’ve already lost it). Yep, I am thirsty for more.