Happy’s Guide to Groovin The Moo

Generally when we do a ‘Happy’s Guide to (X)’, we aim to sift through the lower order acts, ignoring the Outkasts and the Interpols of the headline slots and uncover some midday gems for your festival experience. Groovin’ The Moo proves a challenge in that regard – it’s one of few festivals out there today that have a pretty consistent flatline roster of acts.

All the acts are pretty much on the same tier, with the exception of some of the few international acts that make it onto a GTM lineup. Well, whatever, here goes nothing – Happy’s Guide to Groovin The Moo, which kicks off in Oakbank, SA tonight.

groovin the moo

Who would we see if we had enough time off to go to Groovin’ The Moo? How much vodka can you fit in one pair of jean shorts? Which stage is the best for picking up girls?

Wave Racer

One of Happy’s favourite electronic producers, primarily because he’s a Sydney lad making it big, Wave Racer is what Sydney’s Ableton-equipped bedrooms have sounded like for some time now. Trippy little riffs floating around the mix, with a funky house beat is a perfect example of the Sydney Sound, which is so, so, so much better than Melbourne Bounce, which is why I’m so excited to see this guy getting around so much.

Holy Fuck

We’re all mature adults here, we don’t need to censor the single letter of that band’s title like the website does. The Canadian electronic quartet have been around for as long as I can remember, and you’ll probably remember them best for this video right here. Technical and electronic issues aside (often a danger with a band like this), you’ll need a damn good excuse to miss a Holy Fuck show.

Loon Lake

Pretty much exactly fitting the brief for Groovin’, these guys pretty much embody JJJcore. Clean guitars, a bit of a funky guitar melody and catchy refrains make these guys pretty much the funnest band out. Fun times aside, the #1 reason to go see Loon Lake is the same reason you do anything – for the ladies. Girls love music like this, and what better way to meet girls than in a sweaty, muddy moshpit singing all the words to Bad To Me?

Violent Soho

It was my first ever Laneway festival, and we were informed by one of our pals that there were no drug detection squads at the entrance when he rocked up. “Sweet!” we thought to ourselves “Lets roll this shit up and get mad fucked up right before Deerhunter”. Half an hour of intense police searching later, we were three joints down and one cannabis caution up, and hella pissed. Then we saw Violent Soho, moshed our anger out, and had the best time ever. It was that day that a Violent Soho gig saved my life.

Vance Joy

Hahahahahahaha ohhhhhh no. Just no. Don’t even.

Next question.

Jungle Giants

Basically the same as Loon Lake – ridiculous band name that you’d only find in Australia, massive Triple J support, and some pretty unpretentious fun time music. I saw these dudes at a Big Day Out many years ago when they won the Unearthed spot or something and I was genuinely impressed by how mature their sound was. Years later and I might just have to go see them again…



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