Video Premiere: I, A Man – Lucky

Okay, so I understand if that title doesn’t make sense upon first read – there’s a lot of punctuation in there. To clarify, we are premiering a video by a band called I, A Man, who have just released a pretty great little LP called Gravity Wins Again. The video is of a pretty damn tight live performance of Lucky, and we’ve got a good reason to premiere this one in the live zine.

We haven’t covered I, A Man on Happy. Not yet, at least, and today was the first time I listened to the group, but only after watching the band recreate Lucky live. There’s something different and something unique about seeing a band create a sound in a live setting with their fingers and their feet and their drumsticks and subsequently falling in love with their album.

I, A Man

They’re Illuuuuusions Michael! Peel back the curtain of I, A Man‘s amazingly ambient sound in this live video premiere.

You ‘get it’ on a whole new level, a level that you wouldn’t get if you hadn’t already seen behind the scenes and figured out how they did it. Contrast this with how many times you’ve listened to an album, then seen the band live, and become disenchanted with the album after seeing how it’s performed, like the puppeteers hands are suddenly revealed.

So take a look at all the secrets behind I, A Man’s single LuckyNext week, we’ll share the LP with you, our thoughts, our feelings, and of course our silly little opinions. This vid is the first in a series of live recreation videos and this one features Nick Sowersby of local dream-pop institution Sunbeam Sound MachineTrigger Warning, if there are any post-rock sluts / ambient fans / pedalboard nutjobs out there, this video could cause some NSFW reactions of the erect variety. FIND OUT MORE ON