Bare Grillz do Melbourne

Melbourne is where dolewave started. The suburban tin roofed twang of Chapter Records signees, vinyl sleeves oiled with eucalyptus and the droll, worn out lamentations of long haired Fitzroy residents is as much an icon of Melbourne as uhh… that… weird looking SBS building. I dunno, does Melbourne even have any landmarks?

Each city has had it’s own adaptations of the dolewave movement, notably Adelaide fusing the movement with underlying pub rock sounds and Brisbane giving the lo-fi sounds a pop jangle. Bare Grillz are from Newcastle, a city built on warehouses, storage containers and raw steel materials, and this comes across in this band’s take on the lo-fi vogue.

bare grillz

Where: Grace Darling + Northcote Social

When: Sat 26th + Mon 28th April

Why: Novocastrians make great lo-fi punk jams

It’s grimy, but not dirty. It’s sad, but not miserable. Their self titled record is full of dissonant sounds and ideas – digitally analogue, hollowly full and ambiently noisy. Oh, and the opening track is called Robert Pattinson Foot Tattoo.

This weekend sees the three piece hit up the city where a familiar sound was reborn as dolewave in support for their upcoming LP Friends. If you’re down south this weekend, make sure to catch Bare Grillz at The Grace Darling hotel on Saturday the 26th of April and again at Northcote Social Club on the 28th. That’s a Monday – a special date just for all you guys who work weekends like I do.

Tix are a big fat $0 for both shows, the Saturday show also featuring the equally lo-fi groups School Girl Report, Bone and Orlando Furious



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