Guess what the secret ingredient in Dune Rats’ very own beer is?

The fine folk over at Young Henrys are known for a collaboration or two.

The Newtown-based beer aficionados are constantly pumping qualities brews in conjunction with some of Australia’s best rock bands. Just recently they put out a tasty as fuck Mulberry Berliner Weisse alongside the guys from POND and last year they brewed up a Czech pilsner in conjunction with DZ Deathrays (who are known for their superb beer drinking abilities) called the Pils ‘n’ Thrills.

Now Dune Rats have frosty one to call their own. It’s called the Dunies Lager.

dunies later

Young Henrys lost a bet with Dune Rats and now they have their own beer, a “slightly hazy, summer smasher of a lager with a full blown dank hop nose.”

Apparently the collab came to fruition after bet between the band and Young Henrys that if the band’s new record The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit went to number 1 on the ARIA charts, they’d let them run wild in the brewery.

What came out of it was the Dunies Lager, and the beer’s description and tasting notes is about as ‘Dune Rats’ as you’ll get:

“Fellow ratbags Young Henrys and Dune Rats met for beers at 4:20 one afternoon. This is the result.

Slightly hazy, Summer smasher of a lager with a full blown dank hop nose and flavour courtesy of some late addition hop hash. Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado and Azacca hops give a feisty first impression, but mellow into an easy going friend that drinks for days.


To top it off the beer’s ABV is bang on 4.20%.

“It’s awesome when friends of friends come into the fold, become new friends, drink beers together…and then decide to make a beer together”, said Young Henrys founder Oscar McMahon.

“The Dunies lads are legit, hardworking, honest and don’t take themselves too seriously. We see eye to eye with them, love their excitement for everything they do and wanted to do something fun to share that excitement with a few more people”.

You can crack a Dunies tinnie for the first time at a free launch party at the Cliff Dive this Sunday the 26th of Feb. Or head over to Young Henrys in Newtown to grab yourself a slab of these golden bullets and keep an eye out for them in your local pub or venue.