Guns N’ Posers: why on earth did the legendary rock band invite Angry Anderson on stage?

Guns N’ Roses played two gigs over the weekend at ANZ stadium as part of their Not In This Lifetime tour.

The patrons of rock and roll surprised the crowd with two of Australia’s own, Angus Young and Angry Anderson.

Photo by @gunsnroses Facebook
Photo by @gunsnroses Facebook

We’re in complete emotional conflict after Guns N’ Roses brought the legendary Angus Young to the stage as well as raging redneck Angry Anderson.

While ACDC’s Angus Young remains rock loyalty all over the world, Rose Tattoo front man Angry Anderson is digging himself into a very big grave, embracing very controversial values against Australia’s Islamic population.

Anderson has been making his way into Australian politics. In May 2016, he became an official senate candidate for the Australian Liberty AllianceOne of the ALA’s core values is to “stop the Islamisation of Australia.”

“We live in deeply troubled times and there are those who oppose us at every step of the way. Belonging to a major party, I found, was not going to satisfy my political needs. I have thrown my lot in with Australian Liberty Alliance because I believe it’s where I can serve my country best,” Anderson says.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph in 2007, he also said, “We have strict quarantine laws and it should be the same when it comes to cultures that do not want to integrate. We should be very careful about where certain Muslims come from and what they believe. If people come and live in any country and their way of life is so different they need their own special laws, then possibly they have to pick somewhere else to live. The idea of any Muslim being photographed for a passport or a license with one of those shrouds on – sorry, it just can’t happen.”

This isn’t the first time Rose Tattoo played with Guns N’ Roses, supporting them on their Use Your Illusion tour in Australia in 1993.

While we wholeheartedly dig the beloved Guns N’ Roses, their riotous show has left our eyes and ears slightly burning. However, you can watch the performance below.

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