Entire Australian nation crosses their fingers as Guns N’ Roses greatly extend their reunion tour

Rock legends Guns N’ Roses have been embarking on a monster reunion tour the past few months. The Not In This Lifetime tour has sadly fallen into the mould that too many supposed ‘world’ tours do these days – that is, no Australian dates…so far.

The band has millions of fans around the world to please, but with a rock and metal fan base as strong as Australia’s it can feel unfair when so many of theses supergroups never make their way across the Pacific. At least we’ll always have AC/DC.


The Guns N’ Roses are reunited and touring. With the announcement of extra tour dates far into 2107, Australian fans are starting to get excited.

Dale Skjerseth, the tour’s production manager has told Dailymail that there is no end in sight for the tour, so with a bit of luck Australian venues can expect the Appetite for Destruction superstars to grace our shores in the next year.

“I’ve seen plenty of dates going into next year, far into next year,” Skjerseth stated. “Everybody’s working together to keep a common goal and common direction — keep the machine going.”

Yesterday we broke the news that Australia may be getting a brand new, international-grade metal festival sometime in the future. Download Australia would be the perfect setting for the Axl, Slash and the boys – they’ve played the same festival’s British incarnation in the past.

Fans can dream.