The Bell X1 is a supersonic jet, but also a pretty sweet band. Break the sound barrier this December with these Irish rockers

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Since their last dates in 2014, Ireland’s Bell X1 have been itching to get back to touring in Australia. Two years later with an album in the works, this three piece is finally on their way over again.

Bell X1 take their name from the first plane to break the sound barrier. With a namesake that badass, you know these supersonic rockers are set to bring serious heat to the live stage in late 2016.


Irish pop-rock group Bell X1 are finally coming back down under, bringing all the energy of a supersonic fighter jet.

The tour comes in support of their new album Arms, the next diverse step in their already impressive library of releases. Arms echoes previous Bell X1 releases; anthemic rock mixed with electro-influenced beats and synths, but builds on their previous work like never before.

Treading the line between sonic advancement and a commitment to the band’s established stylings, listeners of Arms will find themselves sitting on a fence between nostalgic familiarity, and a promising vision of how far Bell X1’s songwriting skills have developed.

The band will be touring their new material, yes, but have promised to chuck in a few oldies for the fans as well. Their live show is a uplifting experience – the big singalongs choruses aided by witty lyrics are bound to put a smile on the face of every punter in the joint.

Catch all the deets and dates below:


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