Everything looks better in the new ‘Halo Infinite’ trailer – even Craig

Seeming to make amends for a poorly-received first gameplay reveal, Halo Infinite’s new campaign trailer features improved gameplay, graphics, and much more.

After its rather lackluster initial gameplay reveal in July last year, Microsoft has finally revealed a new trailer for Halo Infinite, the sixth main game of the Halo series.

The game takes place after the events of Halo 5: Guardians, with the player’s first mission being to retrieve an AI that was designed as a countermeasure to Cortana – the series’ hero-turned-antagonist who went rogue at the end of Halo 5.

Image: Halo Infinite / 343 Industries

The new trailer has shown us some notable gameplay changes, featuring RPG-like mechanics and open world gameplay. With new weapons, new enemies, and even a new AI companion called The Weapon (which is a pretty concerning name for a companion in my opinion, especially given what happened with Cortana), it is a huge step up from the previous gameplay trailer, which spawned the now infamous Craig meme.

There is also an upgrade tab, which will most likely allow players to upgrade and unlock new tools, weapons, and skills. Additionally, players can explore Banished 0utposts or bases and will receive loot for clearing them, similar to Far Cry games.

All in all, the campaign overview points to a Halo that’s slightly more open than its predecessors, allowing for some exploration and hunting for secrets while still following a roughly prescribed path.

"Master Chief will take on returning favorites" *Proceeds to absolutely blast the shit out of Craig* from halo

Halo Infinite has been scheduled for release on December 8th, though it will be launching without the campaign’s co-op mode and the classic Forge multiplayer map editor, which will be released in a future update next year.

You can watch the new Halo Infinite trailer below. Pre-order the game here.