Hannah Gadsby introduces phone-locking technology to new shows

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby’s upcoming show Douglas is one not to be missed, and to ensure that, she is bringing in phone locking technology for audience members to enjoy a phone-free evening. The pouches electronically lock the phones after being put on silent/aeroplane mode and the audience can unlock them in designated areas if they need to.

This is a practice being taken up by a number of artists, comedians and performers around the world. In a recent tweet Gadsby said: “I have autism and the use of phones during a show is a very distressing distraction for me when I’m performing.”

Beloved Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby has introduced phone-locking pouches to her upcoming Douglas shows for a phone-free experience.

The technology has been designed by US company Yondr, who have created phone-free spaces for numerous aspects of life including at schools, home, the office, weddings, concerts and more.

Some musical artists jumping on board the Yondr ride include Alicia Keys, Jack White and Guns N’ Roses, who all want the the focus to be brought back to the music and for the audience be in the moment.