Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr to work together on new Bond film

Have a look at the highlights of this insane CV; Interstellar, Dunkirk, Gladiator, Blade Runner 2049, Inception, 12 Years a Slave, the Dark Knight trilogy… the list quite literally goes on and on. This is the esteemed handiwork of Hans Zimmer.

Maybe the Mozart of cinema scores? Zimmer, who has worked decades as a film composer, is now set to write the score of the upcoming Bond film No Time to Die.

Johnny Marr will help add a James Bond film to the impressive repertoire of  Hans Zimmer. In April we will see the stars align, musically and cinematically.

For music and film fans alike, this isn’t the only news coming out of Hollywood, and Hans won’t be alone in creating the epic score for the next epic Bond film. Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr will be alongside Zimmer as they attempt to make an extremely famous franchise even more famous.

Johnny Marr spoke exclusively to NME,“Part of the legacy of the Bond films is iconic music, so I’m very happy to be bringing my guitar to No Time To Die.”

This isn’t the pair’s first time working together, having collaborated on Inception and The Amazing Spider-Man, so it’s clear that they are familiar with successful, original and memorable scores.

Meanwhile Billie Eilish has been penned to write the opening title song with her brother and go-to producer Finneas. If I knew nothing about James Bond, and somebody said to me, hey, these people are creating the music for a new movie, that would be enough of a selling point for me to watch it.

No Time to Die will be here in April.