Watch a sensational 14-minute doco on the sound design of Blade Runner 2049

Want a backstage pass into the composers’ room of Blade Runner 2049? Dive into an awesome mini-doco from Soundworks Collection.

The amazing, amazing people behind the Soundworks Collection series have released their latest mini-doco, an in-depth look at the sound design of Blade Runner 2049.

As one of the only recent films which had me as excited for the soundtrack as the actual movie, I was more than happy to spend 14 minutes with the likes of Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch.

blade runner 2049 soundtrack sound design documentary hans zimmer

What I loved most about this was the way it didn’t glaze over sound design. The soundtrack is too often the main focus in pieces like this, when in reality some of the best stories come from the sound design team.

Like a heavily modified Roland TR-909 kick sample becoming the film’s gun/blaster sound. Too cool.

In addition to composers Zimmer and Wallfisch, the feature includes input from supervising sound editor Mark Mangini, sound designer Theo Green, re-recording mixer Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett, and picture editor Joe Walker.

Also super interesting was director Denis Vileneuve’s apparent distaste for ‘unnatural sound’. Put simply, the beeps and boops often played when someone is noodling on a futuristic computer. Everything had to be grounded in nature for him… something that certainly comes through in the glorious soundtrack.

Watch below.