Happy has been added to Hype Machine!

To those of you who are dedicated to trawling the interwebs to unearth some really precious, undiscovered musical gems, you will probably be familiar with Hype Machine. To those who aren’t, Hype Machine is a website run by a small team who split themselves between Brooklyn, NY and Reykjavik, Iceland.

They act as the middlemen between you and their favourite music blogs from all around the world, hand picking a selection of their favourites and offering direct and up to date access to the music they’re posting about. It makes for an incredible and very impressive finger on the pulse well… HYPE MACHINE.

hype machineWe’re all bloody hhhhappy here today, ‘cos our blog has been picked to be added to Hype Machine. Huge!

There are a lot of really amazing people around the world who are writing individually and together about the music they love. But if you’re sitting in Iceland, you may never stumble upon blogs from Australia, and vice versa. That’s why sites like Hype Machine are so important – these guys break down the barrier between audience and creator, allowing for the swift, global exchange of new tunes.

We don’t normally post about ourselves or “business” type news, but today we just can’t help but gloat a little. We’ve been added to Hype Machine’s rotation! Its big news for us, considering we were pretty much a one man project just over a year ago. Thanks, Hype Machine, for keeping an eye and ear out. You can check out Happy’s Hype stream here.