Nadine Carina

What a difference 6 months can make. Between last year’s release of her self-titled debut EP and her second EP, Things That People Love to Remember, Nadine Carina is one musician that has managed to successfully make the transformation from indie-folk girl next door into ethereal synth-tronic princess.

Although Nadine’s new music can be described as more electronic than acoustic, much of her indie-folk roots are still present even through the various layers of sexy synth.

nadine carina

Nadine Carina is making crooning, soulful, electronic pop out of Liverpool and i’ll be dammed if you don’t love her trip hop collab with beLOey.

Born in Switzerland to Italian and Croatian parents, Nadine is now based in Liverpool in the UK, and fills her music with that same amount of worldliness and charm. With the two aforementioned EP’s and another single already under her belt, Nadine Carina is on a surefire road to seeing her hard work and talent pay off.

Now, don’t get me wrong here – I don’t usually like to indulge in shoehorning artists into one category or another, however I can’t help but to think of Nadine Carina’s more recent work as a beautifully bizarre combination of our very own Elizabeth Rose and Flume, with James Blake and Lykke Li. Mix a dash of harmonic genius, layer it with looped and serene vocals, stir a bit of syncopation and some subtle cross-rhythms into it, and you have the recipe for Nadine Carina’s deliciously sweet sound. Whichever way you listen to her music, it’s just damn good.

As a skilled multi-instrumentalist blessed with looks as sweet as her sound, she’s a lucky gal. Nadine’s heavenly and sometimes eerie vocals are sung live on stage and are combined perfectly with the various keyboards and synth effects that she uses.

Her recent collaboration with trip-hop artist BeLOey on their track Keep Me mixes Nadine’s looped voice work with what sounds like one of Dave Smith’s famed Phantoms, and the result is euphoric. Nadine Carina’s sound exemplifies everything that synthesized chill music should sound like. So relax, and unwind to the paradisaical sound of Nadine Carina. Thank me later.



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