Happy have got all your gig needs covered with the launch of the Happy Gig Guide

No longer will you have to trawl the internet in search of something to do on a lonely Friday night. Happy have got your back.

Happy new gig guide

We are stoked at announce the launch of our Happy Gig Guide – your new one-stop-shop for all your gig info needs. Honing in on your computer’s location our gig will list all upcoming local shows in your city. Heading to Melbourne for the weekend and need something to do? That’s cool, just punch ‘Melbourne’ into the location search and voilà – no more freezing nights wandering Brunswick St in search of the perfect gig. There are links to tickets if that’s something you struggle with, and you can track events if you’re the indecisive type and don’t want to make your mind up too soon. No more trawling through tiny print listings in your local street press – all you’ll ever need is right here.

The page is still in its pimply adolescent Beta stages*, so give us a yell if it’s being a naughty boy and we will do our best to fix it.

The future is here. Happy has got your back. Gigs rule.

*Massive thanks to the team at If You Build It for putting this together – it’s slick as.