Happy Listening: 6 new releases you need to hear

This week of new music slapped hard. We’re up to our ears in it; with artists dropping what seemed like an endless amount of cool new stuff throughout the week.

There were a few debuts, some returning champions, and both local and international talent delivering a spate of special treats. We’ve picked out six favourites we think you’re going to love.

Photo: Milan Ring

Check out these bad boys: we’ve found you six good listens from a huge week in new music.

Sweater Curse – See You

Sweater Curse’s hotly anticipated EP delivers. Weaving a small taste of shoegaze through a mix of alt rock, oddly smooth rhythms, strong vocal performances, and a reverb-smothered wall of sound, the Brisbane outfit have stayed true to their unique style and exceeded expectations at the same time.

Pond – Tasmania

A band forever in flux, you never know what you’ll get when Pond release new music, which is a very exciting thing. Tasmania is no exception. Choosing a more melodic route for their eighth album, the Aussie psych rockers are serving elevated lyricism and heady garage rock.

Milan Ring – Step Back

Showcasing a spate of talent, Milan Ring’s new single Step Back is a warm, soulful, R&B slow-burner, and it was singlehandedly made. This Sydney artist continues to dazzle us.

Solange – When I Get Home

Unlike her revered album A Seat at the Table, which was driven by centrepiece anthems like Cranes in the Sky, When I get Home works to create a more unified statement. Solange is a storyteller and she’s a force; using her surging, woozy vocals, pieces of R&B, and experimental walls of sound to reference themes of dreams, black empowerment, and disillusion.

DZ Deathrays – Front Row Hustle

A rework of Bloody Lovely’s Afterglow, DZ Deathrays have joined forces with A.B. Original’s Briggs and Trials, as well as Jesswar, to deliver a crossover no one saw coming. It’s kind of amazing.

Mansionair – Shadowboxer

Mansionair’s anticipated debut album brings exactly what we’ve grown to expect from the band; a dreamy, alt-y, poppy, paradise showcasing unique breathy vocals.