Happy listening: the 6 best new releases of the week

This week has brought the world another stack of new releases from some amazing artists. Here are five that stand out to us.

From Australian supergroup Ok Moon’s debut album, to New York band DIIV’s new single, to Brisbane rockers WAAX’s new record, we’ve covered all the best new music of the week.

Get comfy and crank up the speakers nice and high, because we’ve got all the best new music of the week ready to serenade you with.

Ok Moon – Ok Moon

A collaborative project between Dustin TebbuttLANKSHayden Calnin and Xavier Dunn, Ok Moon is a melting pot of incredibly talented artists, and their creative chemistry certainly shines through on their debut self-titled album.

With emotive lyricism, intricate rolling melodies and experimental instrumentation, the album is a breath of fresh air from the four talented artists.

Sampa The Great – Freedom

Zambia born, Botswana raised and Melbourne based artist Sampa The Great, has released the third single off her upcoming album The Return, set to be released on September 13th.

It’s a soulful, colourful and rich tune, with top-notch vocal harmonies, a killer underlying beat and Sampa’s usual hard-hitting rap flows.

DIIV – Taker

New York rockers DIIV have released their second single of 2019, Taker. It’s a slow-burning song, with intricate layers developing the soundscape as the song progresses.

The eerie and minimal vocals of the piece ensure the instrumentation steals the show. With hard-hitting guitar solos, steady drum beats and infectious bass grooves, we can’t wait to hear their forthcoming album Deceiver.

Jay Som – Anak Ko

LA artist Jay Som (real name Melina Duterte) has released her third album and it’s as brilliant, bright and emotive as ever, with themes of self-care and heartbreak.

Meticulous guitar melodies, steady bass undertones and a range of instrumental instruments drive Duterte’s message further, providing complex elements to the songs effortlessly.

WAAX – Big Grief

After their highly acclaimed EP’s Holy Sick (2015) and Wild & Weak (2017), WAAX have finally released their debut album.

The theme of grief resonates throughout the album and reflects on the volatile environment we currently live in with front-woman Maz DeVita saying ‘it’s definitely an outpouring of grief in every sense of the word’.

Genesis Owusu – Good Times + Simmer Down

Australian rapper Genesis Owusu is killing the urban scene as of late, and with the release of his double single, his undeniable groove and unique style if further emphasised.

Good Times features the Free Nationals and is an upbeat and sophisticated tune with funky elements from all directions. Simmer Down has a more of a sultry and relaxed vibe with slower melody lines.