The Culture Industry’s debut album is hard hitting and unrelenting

Wollongong-based grunge trio The Culture Industry have released their debut album Who Are We All… and it’s hard-hitting punk rock at its finest.

With unwavering vocals, driving drums and heavy guitar lines with metal tones, the boys have really solidified themselves as a ‘Grunkpunge’ band to watch out for.

Wollongong outfit The Culture Industry’s debut album is to the point, unrelenting, and hard-hitting as ever, solidifying their head thrashing status.

After starting the band back in 2014, they released their self-titled EP in 2016 and a stand-alone single, Born To Lose, in 2018. Made up of ‘Gnarly’ on guitars and lead vocals, ‘Nagy’ on bass and vocals and ‘Leemoss’ on drums and vocals, their tight-knit instrumentation provides a sophisticated soundscape.

Fast-paced tracks such as Dying In The Streets and Junkie Jesus showcase the capabilities and musical talents of the boys, with the tempo of the song not affecting the execution of the songs in the slightest.

Their song Lockout explores the lockout laws that are in place in the city of Sydney, offering welcome commentary on the results it has had on the city whilst other tracks such as Sk8er Boi and Soundcheck are more lighthearted and wacky.

The boys will be playing alongside Skinpin, Flanglipanis, Sloshpit and Rukus at the Servo Food and Truck Bar in Port Kembla from 5pm tomorrow night the 25th August, it’s sure to be a headbanging set. Find out more here.

Listen to the album below: