Las Vegas makes it official, the capital of second chances is now the city of Punk Rock

Sin City, City of Lights, The Marriage Capital of the World, call it what you like, Las Vegas is now also home to punk rock

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Punk Rock Museum, April 1st, 2024 was officially declared ‘Punk Rock Day’ in the city of Las Vegas.

The proclamation wasn’t just symbolic. Mayor Carolyn Goodman and other city officials joined the museum festivities.

In a special ceremony, they gave the museum a commemorative padlock, showing how punk is truly embraced in Vegas.

To mark the occasion, they offered free general admission, letting everyone experience the rebellious spirit of punk.

KJ Jansen from the band Chixdiggit! took visitors on a guided tour, and treated the crowd to a few acoustic songs, keeping the energy raw and real.

This event wasn’t just about the museum’s birthday, though. It highlighted the growing presence of punk rock in Las Vegas.

The city already boasts a thriving scene, and the Punk Rock Museum serves as a permanent reminder of the genre’s rich history and ongoing influence.

the punk rock museum punk rock day las veags

Las Vegas has actually got a pretty cool punk rock scene. While you might have missed any events happening in earlier in the year, the legendary Punk Rock Bowling festival is coming up soon.

This three-day festival, happening May 25th through 27th, 2024, isn’t just bowling (though there is that too!). The Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival features over 30 bands on two stages, with headliners like Descendents, Devo, and Madness. It’s an all-ages event, so you can mosh it out with friends or bring the whole family for a taste of punk rock history.

If you’re looking for something a little more focused on pop-punk and emo vibes, there’s also When We Were Young in October. This festival isn’t quite punk in the traditional sense, but it does feature bands like My Chemical Romance and Blink-182, so it scratches a similar itch.

While some might not like the idea of punk finding a home in a place known for glitz and glam, Las Vegas proved it can embrace all kinds of music, even the one that challenges the status quo.