Single Premier: Boston’s Arto Vaun shares single ‘Candy Heart’

Born from a place of reflection, PTSD and grief, Arto Vaun opens up with his first single in over a decade

Musing over his felt inability to become close with anyone, Vaun reflects on the emotions that lead him to such a place of isolation, and how to find his way out of it.

The first single and the inspiration for his ‘Stuck Inside A Map’ project, set for release this June, ‘Candy Heart’ is a vulnerable and introspective look at one’s patterns, flaws and how they came to be.

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Arto Vaun is a songwriter/musician and poet from Boston, MA. With his first project, a duo called Mishima USA, he played shows with artists like Rufus Wainwright and Daniel Johnston.

He spent 12 years overseas, where he wrote a book of poems, finished a PhD in Creative Writing, and was an English lit professor.

None of this life experience got in the way of his writing, in fact he never ceased the craft.

In 2013, he released ‘The Cynthia Session’, and now he returns with ‘Candy Heart.’ 

‘Candy Heart’ is an indie rock track full of passion and release.

Taking note from late 2000s alternative rock song structure and powerful vocal melodies.

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Built on a bed of guitars, bass, drums and sporadic synths, Vaun’s vocal is rough and commanding, full of vulnerability and intrigue.

Conveying his feelings of isolation and need for connection, ‘Candy Heart’ is comforting and relatable.

Hooky melodies, simple yet affective lyricism and a sense of desperation make ‘Candy Heart’ an immediate hit.

Nostalgic in its genre and punishing in its honesty, Vaun has clearly tapped into something deep and reverent.

The best music always comes from the most honest places, and Vaun is living proof of this with ‘Candy Heart.’


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As the first taste of what Arto Vaun has in store, ‘Candy Heart’ is extremely promising and exciting.

With his heart on his sleeve, Vaun promises to deliver something special.


‘Candy Heart’ is out tomorrow – Presave here.