The Grace Designs Duo: ROXi & FELiX2 Preamplifier Pedals

Elevate your live and studio sound to new heights of clarity and control.

Back in the ’90s, brothers Mike and Eben Grace were grooving to the tunes of the Grateful Dead, but they weren’t just fans; they were Deadheads on a mission.

Fuelled by their passion for capturing live performances, these brothers set out to revolutionise the audio industry. Fast forward to today, and Grace Designs stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in the world of sound engineering. We tested out their latest offerings, the FELiX2 and ROXi preamplifiers pedals.

Let’s start with the FELiX2 – a dual preamplifier tailored for stringed instruments. Built with the stage performer in mind, this box of wonders offers two channels that can be utilised separately or blended seamlessly. With a comprehensive selection of EQ options, including high pass filters, low shelves, and parametric mid EQs, the FELiX2 puts precise sound sculpting at your fingertips. Whether you’re strumming a guitar or plucking a banjo, this preamp delivers unparalleled control and clarity.

Felix2 Preamplifier

Next up is the ROXi – a compact yet mighty standalone mic preamp. Designed to meet the demands of vocalists and instrumentalists alike, ROXi boasts pristine sound quality and versatile EQ settings. The inclusion of an FX send and return adds a layer of creativity, allowing performers to add their own personal touch to every note. From soulful crooning to blistering guitar solos, ROXi ensures that your sound is heard with clarity and precision.

roxi preamplifier pedal


Whether you’re gracing the stage or laying down tracks in the studio, the FELiX2 and ROXi are your trusted companions that offer total autonomy, which can be a huge relief when you need a bit more control. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and built to withstand the rigours of live performance, these preamps deliver studio-quality sound in any setting. With features like footswitch-controlled boosts and seamless blending capabilities, performers have the tools they need to shine on stage and in the studio.


We had the pleasure of testing these preamplifiers in action during a live demonstration. The FELiX2, with its dual channels and comprehensive EQ options, allowed Jas and Owen to effortlessly switch between the banjo and vocals to tailor their sound to perfection. The ROXi delivered crystal-clear vocals with a touch of reverb, adding depth and dimension to the performance. From the stage to the studio, the FELiX2 and ROXi proved to be indispensable tools for any musician looking to take their sound to the next level.

In a world where sound is king, Grace Designs reigns supreme. With the FELiX2 and ROXi preamplifiers, musicians are equipped with the tools they need to elevate their sound to new heights. From their premium build quality to their unparalleled sound reproduction, these preamps are a testament to Grace Designs’ commitment to excellence. So, whether you’re strumming chords or hitting high notes, trust Grace Designs to amplify your performance with precision and clarity.

The FELiX2 retails for around 2000 AUD, and the ROXi for around 1400 AUD – both are available from all quality music-wares sales-people and come with an astounding 20 year warranty.