Happy Mag’s staff picks: Cosmo’s Midnight, Arlo Parks and Laura Jane Grace

We’re serving up another fresh batch of Happy Mag’s staff picks, with hot releases from the likes of Cosmo’s Midnight and Laura Jane Grace.

We’re so close to the end of the year, and while the final schlep towards the festive season often feels like a marathon, we can at least take some solace in the release of new music, and Happy’s weekly staff picks. 

A case of Mondayitis or humpday blues is never incurable when your favourite musician drops their long-awaited single, which is why Happy Mag collates our favourite new releases at the end of each week. 

Arlo Parks happy staff picks
Arlo Parks. Credit: Alex Waespi

This week’s batch is coming in hot, with the return of a beloved Aussie electronic duo, a killer new tune from Arlo Parks, and the debut projects of some imminent breakout stars.

So go on then, crack yourself a cold one and catch up on all the tunes you might’ve missed this week with Happy Mag’s staff picks. 

Cosmo’s Midnight ft. Forest Claudette — Borrowed Time 

Continuing their pattern of catchy basslines and anthemic synths, Cosmo’s Midnight return today with Borrowed Time, a summer soundtrack heater featuring Forest Claudette.

With enrapturing vocals and a groovy throughline, the track adds to Cosmo’s proven knack for undeniable grooves. 

STUMPS — Serotonin   

STUMPS shared the latest taste of their upcoming album Arcadia, readying audiences with the wistful and euphoric single Serotonin.

Blurring the walls between indie, pop and rock, the infinitely danceable number is the perfect precursor for what’s sure to be a killer full-length effort. 

PARK RD — Save the Planet   

New Zealand indie-rockers PARK RD drop “Save The Planet,” a preview of their upcoming debut album set for early 2024. The track, a fan favourite from their live sets, showcases the band’s indie-pop sound with Tom Chamberlain’s distinctive vocals and prominent guitars.


IDKHOW, the brainchild of ex-Panic! At The Disco bassist Dallon James Weekes, dropped ‘GLOOMTOWN BRATS’ this week, Produced by Dave Fridmann, the track explores societal privileges, blending dance beats with Weekes’ insightful critique.

Eamonn Conor — Last Chance Romance

A fusion of electronic, funk, and disco, Eamonn Conor’s sophomore EP Last Chance Romance makes good on the promise of its singles with a no-skip project of pure pop revelry.

Brimming with unbridled self-expression, Last Chance Dance marks Conor’s arrival with incisive clarity. 

Beans — Haunted

Melbourne band Beans have shared the kaleidoscopic track Haunted, lifted from their upcoming album Boots N Cats.

Flitting from screechy guitar licks to shimmering keys, the frenetic indie rock gem is willfully difficult to pin down, which makes the anticipation around its surrounding tracklist all the more enticing. 

Chores ft. Elaskia — Off My Mind

Electronic powerhouse duo Chores captivated listeners this week with Off My Mind, a dance-pop anthem featuring the sensational vocals of Australian pop singer Elaskia. Glittery synths, ascendant beats and a pulsating bass drop await you. 

Hazlett — Goodbye To The Valley Low

Delivering the equivalent of a conversation with a close friend at the end of a long night, Hazlett’s new EP Goodbye To The Valley Low is a masterclass in stripped-back intimacy.

As is par for the course for the sonic storyteller, honesty and vulnerability take centre stage. Get swept up below. 

Night Tales — D.W.Y.W. (Do What You Want)

LA’s Night Tales roar back into focus with D.W.Y.W. Taking cues from its title, the electronic duo offer a free-spirited and feel good dance anthem, as punctuated by catchy vocal hooks and pulsating club rhythms. 

Arlo Parks ft. Lous and The Yakuza — I’m Sorry

Arlo Parks taps Lous and The Yakuza for I’m Sorry, the lead single lifted from the deluxe version of Parks’ critically acclaimed second album, My Soft Machine.

While all six of the extra tracks are worth checking out, I’m Sorry is perhaps the most resplendent, coasting on sparse production and an unmissable verse from Lous and The Yakuza. 

Laura Jane Grace — Cuffing Season

Reflecting on life’s hurts and heartbreaks, Laura Jane Grace’s latest single Cuffing Season continues her reign as a rock icon.

This more acoustic affair finds the musician at her most tender, musing on age, hardship, and moving forward atop rustic, country-flecked strums.

Asia Chow — Days Unchanged

Asia Chow makes her debut with Days Unchanged, a lush and resonant first effort that catapults the LA singer-songwriter into the indie-folk scene.

Delicate instrumentation forms the backdrop for Chow’s enchanting vocal performance, which sees her muse on the passage of time.