From obligatory invite to love at first sight: the romance of Eamonn Conor’s ‘Table 17

Eamonn Conor’s ‘Table 17’ is a joyous and infectious disco-pop track that showcases his formidable musicianship and proves himself to be a rising pop star with a knack for crafting irresistible grooves.

The vibrant new release from Melbourne’s Eamonn Conor is bringing funky vibes to weddings everywhere. Released in late 2022, the track is a disco-pop banger that’s bound to get even the most reluctant dancers on the floor. And this is just the start – Conor’s upcoming EP, “Last Chance Romance,” promises to keep the grooves coming. With his impressive vocals and infectious energy, Conor is quickly establishing himself as a pop star in the making. 

“Table 17” starts with that distinctive romantic energy injected love at first sight sequence- that heart-pounding, butterflies-in-your-stomach sensation that sets the stage for so many classic rom-com moments. Before you have time to feel too vulnerable, the track bursts into a candid and confident groove complete with colourful brass melodies and charismatic guitar licks.

Eamonn conor

Keyboardist Thanh Trinh is the brainchild behind the development of the work, having shared the song with Eamonn to hear it in his voice. Said Conor, “I remembered leaving his place and I couldn’t get the melody out of my head, and just kept humming it for days. We performed it as a band for a while before I then wanted to record my second E.P. I asked Thanh if I could use his song on the record and had my own taste to it and my own vibe”

With some tweaking and fine-tuning with guitarist Jimmy Criticos, “Table 17” developed a deeper personality, and became more of the disco-funk release we know today. The track also underwent quite the live debut before making it to streaming platforms, “we performed this song for nearly 2 years before I had even asked [Trinh] to have the song for my new EP”

“Table 17” is not just a catchy title, but it’s also a clever play on wedding traditions. As anyone who has ever attended a wedding can attest, the seating chart can be a contentious issue, with certain guests vying for prime real estate at the head table, while others end up at the fringes, relegated to the “less-important” tables.

In this case, “Table 17” is one of those tables, tucked away in a corner, far from the action. But what makes it special is that it’s where our protagonist first sets eyes on the object of his affection. It’s a classic romance trope – boy sees girl from across the room – but the seemingly small detail of having her seated at a table of “random guests” adds an extra layer of complexity- and romance- to the story.

Thanh Trinh’s lyrics, and the further development from Jimmy and Eamonn do a masterful job of weaving this detail into the song, adding a touch of whimsy and humor to the romance. It’s a testament to good writing and commitment to storytelling that the team were able to take this small detail and turn it into the centerpiece of the song.

With a catchy love song under his belt, the new EP “Last Chance Romance” is set to explore more of Conor’s own writing and compositional tone. Fall into the love song of “Table 17”, and keep your eyes peeled for more from the funky Melbourne artist.