WATCH: Mathilde Anne’s ‘Break’ featuring Des Cortez’s Sam Knight

Naarm’s Mathilde Anne, is closing out a rollercoaster of a year with her latest gem, ‘Break’

From gracing stages alongside Cub Sport and Telenova to clinching a Music Victoria Award nomination, Mathilde concludes an exceptional year with her latest single, ‘Break,’ featuring the vocals of Sam Knight from the indie outfit Des Cortez.

Born in a profound moment of inspiration in the solitude of her shower at midnight, Mathilde Anne has delivered the perfect indie pop track.


Drawing inspiration from a pivotal conversation with her partner, the song serves as a sincere expression of her desire to be fully understood in love, overcoming the fear of heartbreak.

Collaborating once again with producer James Seymour, known for his work with Elizabeth M. Drummond and Katie Wighton, Mathilde’s growth as a songwriter shines through in ‘Break.’ Each release adds to a collection of introspective and authentic work, highlighting her confidence and expression.

“I was fully invested, preferring to experience love to its fullest, even if it meant heartbreak, rather than staying guarded and wondering about missed opportunities or hurting them by not giving my all,” explains Mathilde, underscoring the genuine nature of her approach to love and connection.

As Mathilde Anne continues her momentum, she is set to perform alongside Lime Cordiale and Dice at Mornington’s Coastal Jam Festival.

Additionally, Mathilde and Des Cortez will headline a co-show on January 19th at The Toff in Melbourne’s CBD, promising a memorable experience for fans.

‘BREAK’ marks Mathilde’s fourth single release this year, with its genesis in a midnight shower after a Finneas concert adding a unique layer to its allure.

The song captures the spirit of summer, blending elements of sensuality, sweetness, and raw emotion, making it an ideal soundtrack for those navigating the complexities of love.

Sam Knight’s featured vocals seamlessly complement the song, creating a reminiscent late ’90s/early 2000s indie pop-rock vibe that promises an unforgettable live performance.