Happy Mag’s guide to FKA Festival 2018

In case you hadn’t realised, we love Australian music. Which is why we love seeing new festivals like FKA Festival popping up and supporting homegrown Aussie tunes.

This October, the new fessy will be descending upon the Hunter Valley’s Hope Estate for a huge day of great music. They’ll be bringing with them such favourites as The Jungle Giants, The Belligerents, Ali Barter, Tired Lion, and a whole heap of others.

If, for whatever reason, you haven’t already purchased tickets… we reccomend that you promptly rectify this grave mistake before they’re all snatched up.

Excited as heck for October’s FKA Festival? So you should be… but it’s never too early to kick off the preparation. Here’s our extensive guide to this incredible festival.


Ok, first things first – the music. This October, FKA will host a huge catalogue of the country’s best acts… we’re talking The Jungle Giants, British India, Maddy Jane, Luca Brasi, Kingswood… the list goes on.

This is an Aussie music lover’s paradise. When attending FKA, the most important thing to remember is to properly soak up all this awesome music. We know, it can get a little overwhelming – all these bands – but take a breath and enjoy yourself.

And before October 13th, you’ll want to rigorously study the lyrics to all those new Jungle Giants tracks… you don’t want to be the only one in your group not singing along.

The Money Situation

Imagine this: You need a drink. You’ve got no cash. Your favourite band are about to begin. Your stuck in a bloody ATM queue. Absolute panic.

Thankfully, this is an easy predicament to avoid. All you’ve gotta do is stock up on cash before hand.

This way, you can freely saunter between the stage area and FKA’s huge range of gourmet food trucks and bars without the stress of missing The Belligerents.


The Hunter Valley is a lovely place. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people are looking to stay around the area for longer than the one day festival.

There are heaps of places you could stay… but our recommendation is to book camping nearby at Hunter Tent Stay – Dashville.

Situated just 20 minutes from Hope Estate with simple access from Sydney via the new Hunter Expressway, Dashville is a secluded bushland venue and campground.

If you want to stay here, just follow these three simple steps:

1. Book per person, per night. e.g. Bringing 3 people? Buy 3 x ‘Saturday night + breakfast’

2. Either BYO tent or hire one out from Dashville! They come in 2 person and 4 person sizes

3. Sleep tight after a busy festival of good tunes and good times.

Otherwise, you can check out a huge list of other accommodation options here.


“What’s the best way to get to FKA?” You may be asking. Well, luckily for you, we’ve got the answers.

The first option is to carpool with your mates. There’s plenty of parking at Hope Estate, but there’ll also be plenty of other cars. So yeah, you could drive… or don’t risk it and catch the bus…

Thanks to Rover Coaches, bussing in into FKA is pretty bloody easy. Looking for bus transfers from Newcastle, Maitland or Singleton? Rover have got you covered.

Book your tickets here.

FKA Mango Sour

If there’s one thing you must do while at this festival, it’s try the limited edition FKA Mango Sour. Brewed by Hope Brewery, the beverage is one of the most delicious and refreshing you’ll come across. FKA were kind enough to send us a sample, so we’re speaking from first hand experience.

The drink will be on tap throughout the entire festival.

The festival will also host a range of markets and a DIY art area, so do yourself a favour and check all that out.

Check out the full lineup below:

The Jungle Giants
British India
Ali Barter
The Belligerents
Good Lekker
good thanks
Grace Turner
Luca Brasi
Maddy Jane
Tired Lion
Trophy Eyes

Tickets are on sale now, and you can snag ’em up here.

FKA Festival – Saturday October 13th
Hope Estate, Hunter Valley, NSW

More info over at the festival website.