Happy Mag’s guide to Old Mate’s Block Party 2018

Stock up on your baggy whites, stack up that stomach with some greasy lining, and lock in a score of your best gig chums, because Old Mate’s Block Party 2018 is right around the corner.

For the past two years, The Lockhearts have stormed the Factory Theatre in Marrickville with a host of Australia’s finest live acts. This year is the third running, and the old mates haven’t pulled any punches. The lineup is fierce, the bars are prepped and the amps are already warming up.

If you’re still on the fence, or indeed you’re already heading down, allow us as Old Mate’s veterans to provide a helping hand.

old mate's block party 2018 the lockhearts happy mag

Psyched as for the third annual Old Mate’s Block Party? So you should be… but it’s never too early to kick off the preparation.


First and foremost, this is a show curated by those who have been to more shows than you. The Lockhearts and co. are ambassadors of the live circuit on every front, proven in the deepest mosh pits and on the gnarliest stages. They’re who you have to thank for this year’s lineup, so you know it’s gonna be a serious vibe.

Do your homework on the lineup before walking through the Factory Theatre doors. Guaranteed, you’ll have a better time if you’re screaming along the words to The Lockhearts’ Ride Home or thrashing in time to Hobo Magic’s hot and heavy Hobo Magic.


Things will be steamy, of that much you can be sure. Be wary of thin clothing, unless of course you’re intending to rip it off. In that case, go button-up for extra speed. If you’re wanting to actually keep your clothes on for whatever reason, we suggest some heavy-ply corduroy. Drenched in sweat, two semis couldn’t pull that kind of weave apart.

Do note, several of the performers at Old Mate’s Block Party 2017 showed up in their best sporting gear. Cricket pads, helmets, netball uniforms, you name it. If that’s your jam, don’t let anybody stop you.


Lastly, a word on the most important preparation of all; that of your digestive system. Going purely off the last two years, you’re going to be gobbling down a few brews… but luckily the Old Mate’s organisers actually have your ass covered on this front.

Young Henrys will be providing $6 tins of your favourite bevvies before 6pm on the night, so our official advice is to get in early if you’re after max value for money.

On the foodie front, be sure to stock up before you head in and just remember, Manoosh Pizzeria is but a short, drunken walk away.

Old Mate’s Block Party is taking place this Saturday February 3rd at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville. Tickets are going here.

Doors open at 1pm, grab all the details on the Facebook event.