Over Spotify? This website allows you listen to YouTube the way it was meant to be

If you like to listen to YouTube over Spotify or other streaming platforms but are frustrated by the limited functionality of the platform, this will blow your mind.

listen to YouTube

If you want to listen to YouTube as your source of music but get frustrated by how limited it is, do yourself a favour and suss out listenonrepeat.com.

A Redditor has developed a website that allows you to listen to YouTube the way it was meant to be.

Named listenonrepeat.com, the site offers a huge range of options for accessing YouTube’s vast, vast library of music that the platform itself doesn’t allow. It’s kind of like a Spotify x YouTube crossover.

Although the interface isn’t quite as slick as Spotify, it’s extremely powerful. You can queue up music, make playlists, share them by sending a link to friends, discover new music with artist radio, listen to curated 24/7 streams – basically all the things you’d ever want from YouTube that it doesn’t offer.

There’s also a weekly discover feature, which automatically queues up a playlist that has been specifically tailored to your tastes every Monday morning.

All the music is streamed directly from YouTube, so artists still get paid for any adverts shown in the YouTube embed. However, no ads are actually served in-between songs. Yep, no fucking ads! Listen to YouTube here (oh yeah, it’s free too).

Here’s a FAQ about the service if you want to find out more:

Is this legal? Yes, it’s powered by the YouTube media embed which permits anyone to embed YouTube content to their own products. We also comply fully with DMCA.

Do artists still get paid? Yes, artists are paid by YouTube for any adverts shown in the YouTube embed.

Is it free? Yes, and always will be.

Do you have apps? Yes, but they suck. New ones coming soon. Best just to use the main site for now!

Isn’t this just an advert? Look, I’m not going to lie – I’d love you to check the site out. I’ve spent several years building this (started when I was in university) and it’s pretty much my passion. It’s free, and I’m not asking for money (nor will I ever). I’m not some millionaire paying an advertising company to spam Reddit – just a guy sharing his project with the world :)