Happy Mag’s Guide to throwing your own DIY house gig

You’ve probably been to many a lame-ass house party in your time. Your mate who said he could DJ in the corner, awkward dancing in the living room… you know how it is. Well, we’re here to help you put an end to this ridiculousness.

For your next house party, why not put on an epic gig… the likes of which you’ve never seen before?

Photo: Nicholas Pilatos

Fancy throwing an incredible gig in the comfort of your own home? We’ve compiled a definitive guide to throwing your very own DIY house gig.

Think about the possibilities… your favourite local bands all in one intimate space, jamming out in a friendly BYO, security-free environment. Here’s our guide to ensuring your house gig lives up to all it’s potential.

Scoping Out A Space

Whether it be your bedroom, your living room, your garage, or your backyard, you’ll need to organise a space you can actually fit a live band and a crowd of people.

Some houses are blessed with venue-like qualities, but most are not… you’ll most likely need to get innovative. Best bet is find the biggest room in the house, or utilise that glorious balcony.

Booking Bands

So, you’ve got a space that you reckon could handle a gig … well, the power is now in your hands. The biggest priority is to book some good bands. It’s a huge responsibility.

While Tame Impala may not be keen to come play your house party, I’m sure there’s a good whack of awesome local bands that would.

If you want some inspiration, go take a look at the kind of house parties Psyched As throw. With past lineups including such bands as Murray Darling, Crocodylus, and Bleeding Knees Club, that Petersham household knows how to throw a soiree.

Stage Setup

Ok, time to get practical. No band is going to wanna play your stupid party if you don’t have a semi-proper setup. Thankfully, there a lot of organisations her to help you out.

Honestly, just hit up DJ Warehouse. They’ve got everything you’ll need – stage, lighting, PA, etc.

With a good stage, a bit of lighting, and PA… you’re all set. This can all be hired for a pretty reasonable price too. Hell, maybe Tame Impala might be interested after all…

Dodging Those Noise Complaints

If you’re in a situation like me, you’re currently dealing with at least one set of narky neighbours who call the cops every time your music runs past 10pm.

On party night, the neighbours aren’t going to be happy about a full-blown drum kit and multiple guitar amps.

Safest bet is to deliver a hand-selected hamper basket to your neighbours doorsteps earlier that day. Include such items as organic chamomile tea, hand rub, Arnott’s biscuits, and a set of ear plugs. They wouldn’t dare complain after such a gesture.

There you have it. Follow this guide and your next house party/gig will be the biggest event of the year. Guaranteed.