Support Act has launched a new Helpline for people in the music industry

Support has launched a free and confidential call service for people working in the Australian music industry.

The aim of the Helpline will be to help musicians who are struggling with mental health and any issues that are mental health related. The Helpline number is 1800 959 500.

A new Wellbeing Helpline has been launched by Support Act specifically to help musicians and people working in the music industry.

The launch of this service is in direct response to requests from our colleagues working in music to help improve overall mental health and wellbeing,” says Clive Miller, Support Act CEO.

Based on our consultations and research, we believe that a specialised service specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by artists and music workers will be of enormous benefit to all people working in our industry.”

The Helpline will be staffed by professional counsellors with expertise in all areas regarding mental health, and will be accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Everyone is different and everyone copes differently. But if you aren’t feeling like your usual self, or that things are getting on top of you, then you certainly aren’t on your own. If these feelings don’t go away, it’s important to talk to someone,” Support Act write on their website.

Grab more information over at Support Act’s website.

Via The Industry Observer