It's time to open your heart and let Albin Lee Meldau inside

It’s time to open your heart and let Albin Lee Meldau inside

From the eerie, disjointed opening of his 2016 debut single Lou Lou, Albin Lee Meldau’s voice crept up from nowhere like a punch in the gut. A firm hit I immediately requested more of.

The gloomy love-ballad immediately earned the Swedish singer/songwriter a strong internet following (we’re talking 18 million Spotify streams), and truthfully it ain’t hard to see why – his deep, gut-wrenching voice will cut straight into your soul.

Like a thunderstorm on a winter’s night: Albin Lee Meldau will blanket your surrounds with his captivating and unique blend of soul, folk, and pop.

Raised by a Swedish jazz-singing mother and a British punk father in Gothenburg, Sweden, Meldau takes his history in singing 60s/70s soul to deliver a unique meld of old-world sounds that still manage to feel completely fresh and innovative.

While many artists’ attempts at blending genres can feel artificial, Meldau’s seamless concoction of soul and indie-folk remains authentic and true. It’s a brew helped in no small part by his honest and introspective lyricism.

With two brilliant EPs already under his belt, the artist released his sprawling debut full-length LP About You earlier this month – tackling anxiety, jealousy, longing, and the heartache of relationships with an endearing melancholy and incredible sense of imagery.

Our love is something and I just can’t get enough… The walls are closing in on me,” he bellows on I Need Your Love.

The album is dripping with despondency and catharsis, as if the songwriter is seeking therapy through his performance. And while his music requests you open your heart to it, Meldau equally opens his – oozing out deeply personal stories and meditations.

His captivating sound has amassed a huge following of invested listeners, as well as a nomination at The Grammis (Swedish Grammys), the Reeperbahn Festival’s 2016 Anchor Award, and an invitation to play at the 2017 instalment of their festival.

Following a highly lauded showing at 2017’s SXSW, Meldau has been touted internationally for his spirited live performance, with many citing him as the highlight of last year’s festival.

The prospects of Meldau’s future are soaked in excitement, as it’s rare to come across an artist who’s so certain of their sound so early in their career. As he continues to grow, and his songwriting continues to develop, we’re welcoming a future in which Albin Lee Meldau tears us apart and stitches us back together a hundred times.