Happy’s Zen Horoscope (12th May - 18th June) be chatty, be curious, and be social.

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (12th May – 18th June) be chatty, be curious, and be social.

Mercury enters Gemini, so full speed ahead.  Good news for travel plans, and everything and anything that requires communication.

You’ll find it easier to make spontaneous plans, strike up conversations, make new friends, and maybe even learn something new. Be chatty, be curious, and be social. Gather all of your information and decide quickly, so that you can amp your social calendar up a notch without delays.


For those times, when you say a ‘yes’, only to have a ‘no’ rise up within you only seconds after, that’s when you know you need to take a deep breath and choose one direction, without any additional weighing up of the pros and cons just decide. Because this week is all about the fast kind of impromptu decision-making that will lead to some special social interactions. So don’t hold back. 


If you have been a little introspective of late or a little quiet, know that it’s time to step out of your shell and explore a reconnection with anyone that you’ve lost touch with recently. Especially for any romantic relationships that you thought might have been on the way out, this is an opportunity to see if you can work things out and deepen your connection.


If you’ve been working hard lately, take this as a message to take some time off.  Especially if you have been working so much that you haven’t found the time to hang out with your friends or family. Now is the time to reconnect with the people you care about, unwind and have a good time, without looking at the clock. Remember, spontaneity reigns.


Working too hard can become problematic, especially if you get too caught up in routines. Sometimes you just need to step away, really step away from your busy schedule. Because life is not merely a business to be managed. It is a mystery to be lived.  Embrace a little spontaneity this week, even if it’s just to have a catch-up lunch with a friend mid-week. Take a little time to do something different. 


Your intuition is on point, so keep trusting in yourself and your abilities, and you can’t go wrong. Even if what you feel seems to be a little strange or foolish to those on the outside. Don’t pay any heed, do what feels right to you, that is the advice of the week, because things can always be analysed with a rational mind, sometimes they are just felt.  


Good week for creativity and doing things purely for the love of it. Especially if you are drawn to exploring something new, either, personally or professionally, step toward and check it out. You may even find that conversations that you have along the way will inform and guide you in just the right ways.



There is a profound sense of depth to your interactions this week. You’ll find that the people that you interact with will have a huge impact on the decisions that you will go on to make over the coming weeks. Allow any communication to trigger within you something that you had a suspicion was true, or things that you’ve always known to be true, feel even more s0.  Especially with regards to travel, or setting future plans in concrete. 



Don’t be content easily. Any interactions you have this week will push you towards making the kind of plans that will propel you forward. Keep in mind that this is a time for discovery, and future planning, whether it be travel, collaborations, personally or professionally, as long as you maintain a positive frame of mind, this timeframe will be highly beneficial. 


A time of internal realignment, so that you can focus your processes and get things straight where it counts before you move ahead and implement your next set of plans. All communication should be aimed at self-discipline, determination, and commitment. Professionally or personally, that is where your point of focus will be best directed.


You have a mission, you have a goal, and you feel very clear about what you need to do to achieve it. But in the process of achieving, don’t be too hasty, rush ahead too fast, or cut corners, as you may miss out on something important. The key is to direct our energy wisely and enjoy the process, as much as getting to the desired outcome. 


A good timeframe to re-evaluate your situation and let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Rather than dwelling on what didn’t work out, embrace this as an opportunity to reshape your life, and choose a new direction that will create the space to reshape your life. By choosing a new direction, you can be free to create a new sense of self. Any communication that you enter into this week should be primarily focused on this kind of present/forward planning.


Sometimes you need to remind yourself of your own definition of success, and what success means to you, because it may not necessarily be what it means to others. Which is more than okay, in fact, it’s to be expected. But more importantly, use your definition, to move forward this week, especially in terms of communication with others.