Happy’s Zen Horoscope (19th May – 25th June) Contemplation has never looked so good. 

It’s Cancer season baby, which makes it the perfect time to reflect and embrace a little newfound softness.

Expect to feel more at home with yourself, and expect to dig a little deeper and look within to find all of the answers that you seek. Best of all, if you’ve ever needed a reason to chill out, Cancer gives you just that. Because we’ve done the first half of the year, made some big changes, and now it’s time to settle in and rest a little, so just for this month, take a restorative approach to things. 



Good week to think about any self-imposed restrictions and shake them loose baby, because the victim mentality doesn’t suit you. What does? Trusting yourself, and switching negative thoughts for positive ones. 



Time to rethink your emotional integrity. Look to where you may have been overdoing it, and reign it in. If you’d like to create some positive change, careful, considered analysis, is a must. 


As you contemplate what lies ahead, know that you will be shedding something, kinda like that song by Machine Translations, ‘with everything new thing that you find, you have to leave something behind’. Know that it’s a solid move towards harmony across the board. 


A time to establish some boundaries, personally or professionally, so think about that. That’s it. Boundaries. Do you create some, or take some down? You’ll know which it is. 


For the most part, it’s a green light that says GO kind of week for current projects. If a new idea pops up, take a moment to check in with your goals, does it actually need to happen right now, or can it wait? 


An inner alignment is called for, especially around planning. So take some time to digest your feelings to tap into what truly lights you up. If it means a change in direction, so be it.



Embrace a bit of quiet time. Get introspective, and get down with your inner self. Especially when it comes ot making your next steps, you may find that this time is more about spiritual gain, over the material.



If something feels off, it may be due to putting too much emphasis on money, so use this time to realign your overall spiritual well-being, and focus on what’s really important – your spiritual self. 


It’s less about the discovery phase and more about how to obtain what it is you want to do. So use this week to plan, and account for any potential challenges you may encounter along the way.


Stay or go, hold on or let go, there may be a lot of indecision around this week, so do yourself a solid and give yourself some space to weigh up the pros and cons carefully.


You can only fool yourself for so long that everything is going okay when deep down you know that it’s not. Use this week to get real about a few things, and when you are ready, face things head-on. Trust yourself that it will steer things in the right direction.


Ponder more about what success means to you because sometimes it takes more than a week to work that one out. Most importantly, remember, that staying true to your own personal brand of success increases your self-confidence. Own it, in other words.