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Happy’s Zen Horoscope (26th September – 2nd October): Slow down and take a breath

Mercury retrograde brings its energy into our orbit on the 27th. There are a couple of myths associated with this timeframe that may make it seem chaotic and confusing, but rest assured, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Myth number one – Mercury spins backward.

No, it’s actually just resting at a certain angle and moving slower than it usually does (this actually happens 4 times a year). So when it slows down, it creates a slowing down of everything that it metaphorically stands for, which is communication in all forms. Verbal or technology-based communications (emails, social media etc.) may experience some glitches, which inadvertently, can create the space for you to power down your computer, take five, go outside and recenter. 

Myth number two – it’s impossible to finish anything.

While this may not be the best time to start new things, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep working and complete your current projects, which you should be doing quite happily and steadily. Remember, it is your attitude that will always determine the outcome. This is not the time to succumb to negativity, it’s a time to give yourself a shout-out for all that you have experienced and achieved to date. You are capable, and this is a timeframe to celebrate that and remember, if you feel stuck or if you experience a glitch or two, use Mercury’s retrograde to your benefit. Take a moment to reflect and reassess, and use it as an opportunity to look at what needs working on. This will help you to realign things to benefit communications and any goals for the month/year ahead.

Mercury retrograde encourages thinking before you speak, so perhaps the most sage advice on offer in this timeframe is to slow down, gather your thoughts, and instead of saying something that you might regret, take the opportunity to listen. Listen your little heart out. 


You can’t compare yourself to others, you just can’t, because that will only ever get in the way of doing things in the best way that you know how.  There may always be someone that is better off or worse off than you are, but you will never get to the heart of who you are if you are always drawing comparisons.

Sure it’s okay to look to others for inspiration or advice, but if you want to be the best that you can be you have to do things your way. Look to see if you are fulfilling your potential in the best way that you know-how. 


If you feel like you’re taking on board too many feelings, honor yourself and take some much-needed time out. Especially if you are feeling less social than usual. If you are drawn to being alone, set to it, and spend time connecting with your inner self so that you can hear your inner voice with more clarity.

Bring back to the forefront your personal set of strengths and skills. Remember who you are, and draw the courage to express who you are in everything you do, even if it is not what others expect of you. Be true to yourself. 


Reflection and self-evaluation. The universe is calling you baby so heed the call. Feeling afraid? Worried about the sacrifices you may need to make along the way? This is the time to push past any fears that you may have been harboring of late because you are meant for bigger things.

Pretending that you are something that you are not, or ignoring your travel bug, or ignoring inclinations towards learning or taking on new things, or generally playing it safe, is not the Sagittarian way. You love to experience new things and new places, trust that the universe has your back, and think about what you really want, so that when you are ready, you can take action. 


Maybe you are feeling stuck, or maybe you are feeling bored. Whatever the case may be, now is not the time to dwell on negativity. Now is the time to prioritize, especially if you are over-committed in any one area that doesn’t allow you to make time for the things that make you happy.

Something needs to change. Enough is enough already. Get organized, reassess your priorities and your goals and decide where you want to spend your time and energy. Choose the one thing that you really want to focus on, and work out a plan to make that happen.


Take some time out to realign things. Retreat to your private world so that you can think about what’s important to you. Look to what is in your life that keeps you grounded.

It’s perfectly okay to decline offers or invitations this week, especially if it means you can spend time thinking about any plans you have, to check to see if they are still a good fit, or if they would benefit from a change.

Just make sure you let your friends know that it’s not personal, that you are just enjoying some quality alone time, and you’ll be with them again soon when you are ready.


This is a great time to focus on your personal goals. If you feel like you have headed in a direction that no longer feels right, then use this time to change course. But before you do any altering, sit with it for a moment, and remind yourself of what you want to achieve.

Reconnect with your ambitious side so that you are better equipped to make the kind of adjustments that can help you to achieve your goals and dreams. Because deep down, you know that you are not content easily. Don’t take the easy path, just because it’s easier. Remember that sometimes it’s the more difficult path that provides the opportunity for true growth.


Experiencing some delays, or feelings of indecision? Sometimes you just need to hit the pause button. Give yourself some time to look at the situation from a different perspective because there is something interesting happening for you.

You may find that when you’ve given yourself some time, you will realize how you can do things differently, and what steps you can take to move forward. Events will line back up again, and things will flow with more ease, and you’ll find that you are ready and clear about how to get things going again.  


Career is at the forefront this week. You have a lot of skills, but there may be a hidden/private talent that you are yet to express. You know that you have a lot more to offer, so use this time to look to see how you can utilize your interests and your leanings, and how you may be able to bring them to the table.

It’s okay to make this week a week of exploration, no need to throw yourself in the deep end. Just as long as you prepare, and get clear about the whats, the whys, and the hows of it all. 


Sometimes you need to let go. Let go of anything that you are holding onto too tightly, especially your feelings, or your possessions. Whatever it may be, it’s time to loosen your grip and take a risk here or there. By all means, respect your things, your money, and your feelings, but don’t forget about what’s really important. 

Go out of your way this week to share some time with your friends, or your family, and reconnect with what makes you really happy. Take the risk of expressing how you feel, you’ll be happily surprised at how expansive that will make you feel. 


There may be a part of you that wants to push things under the rug, pretend they don’t exist – in particular any fear or anxiety. But this is a great time to work on them because if ever there is a window for it, this is it.

There is a strong sense of clarity that is available to you at this time, and with a little quiet time, and introspection you will find that you know how to free yourself from any limiting thoughts/beliefs that may have been holding you back. So stick with it, and keep going. This can be a deeply transformational timeframe if you let it be. 


Things may require a little more effort than usual this week, especially if you are feeling slightly less optimistic than usual. No need to crawl into bed and hide under the covers though, because this feeling is only temporary. Do what you can to turn things around.

Give yourself permission to go have some fun, go outside, and soak up some sunshine, anything that puts a smile on your dial. Because any challenges you feel, especially on an emotional level, can be easily solved. You just need to turn it around, and that’s more than okay because sometimes that’s just what it takes.


Life is full of endings and new beginnings – that time is drawing upon you now. Whether it be a project, study, a job, or a relationship, like most things,  you probably need to give it a little more energy to get it over the finish line.

When it’s time to close one door to open another, it’s appropriate to give yourself space in between so that you can give proper thanks for everything that has come to pass and express gratitude for all that it gave you. This will allow you to move forward more freely.