Happy’s Zen Horoscope (27th March - 2nd April): Communication is key

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (27th March – 2nd April): Communication is key

Mercury, the planet of communication, and how we process information enters Aries this week.

Expect communication to get a little passionate under the collar. Watch out for any Arie-like tendencies to get a little selfish with it and you should be fine.

Teamwork is recommended, if you have any ideas at this time, bring them to the table. Anything that has been feeling a little stuck in the mud, will get a big clear push of forward momentum.


Decisions abound, and not small ones either, big ones, especially if you feel things are going a little too slowly for your liking. You may find that you feel like talking about, with whomever or whatever seems to be lacking progress. Good week for discussing movement, travel, moving house, and any projects that need a push. 


The only thing that is constant in life is change, so if you have been experiencing any challenges, know that things are about to change. The only thing you need to do is to stay optimistic and trust that the Universe has got your back. Do be open to help, and about talking about how you feel, you’ll be surprised at how much one conversation can offer.


Communication is essential, especially if recent events have been somewhat challenging or troublesome. Take a deep breath, and clear the air, because this is the time to pave the way for regeneration. Know that with each day that passes, things will feel easier, and become even clearer as to how you are going to forge ahead in a way that is new and fresh. 


Keep an eye on work/home balance this week, especially if you feel like you have been pushing a boulder up a hill and not getting anywhere. Communication is vital in balancing things out, talking to your crew, at home or at work, and making some new arrangements to ease any stress in any area that you feel over committed. Give yourself peace of mind, by creating more time in the areas that need it.


Feeling the idle gossip machine churning its wheels? Are the people around you behaving with integrity?  Are others keeping information to themselves? If you feel like something is up, trust your intuition and have an open and honest discussion about it. Don’t linger on assumptions, don’t fall prey to paranoia,  be direct, and assertive in your approach to get to the truth of the matter.


If there are decisions to be made, best to follow your heart, it is the Leo way after all. Any passion projects will get a look in, and timely so, as you don’t want anything to linger untouched for too long, lest you forget what it is all about. Mostly, just follow your heart this week, that’s it, that’s all you need to do. 


There is a lot of energy around, and if you find that you can’t channel it where you would like to, maybe a new project doesn’t have all its parts, maybe you are waiting for someone to complete their end, whatever the case may be, find a healthy outlet for any build-up of energy that you may have, may as well put it somewhere useful. Whatever you do, focus your energy on things, and on one thing only. Remember scattered energy is not useful. 


Decisions are endless, and this week may feel a little clouded, especially if it concerns or impacts others. Go deep this week, inside of yourself to make sure that your decisions are not based on bias or judgment. It’s important at this time, to get a gauge on how you feel so that you can remove any potential partiality from the process. 


Clear communication is at the forefront this week. Less about the heart, and about more about ruling with your head. It’s not that you don’t care about others, you do, passionately so, but sometimes to get things done you know that it’s better to work from a place of intellect. Be flexible, and stay open to discussion, and you can’t go wrong.  


Sometimes there is a need to pull back a bit, especially on the emotional front. It may be best to not let your emotions get the better of you this week, as anything too extreme, will only hinder the process of finding your way to the middle ground. And this week, you really would benefit from striving for the middle ground, don’t say I didn’t warn you. 


Any negativity you feel is only temporary. Lighten your week up as much as you can, have fun, do at least two things that make you smile, and give yourself permission to take things less seriously for a while, forget about your responsibilities for a while,  just to remind yourself that there’s fun to be had whenever you want. 


You have everything that you need at your disposal to get things done, sometimes you just need to be clear about the hows and the whys. Especially if your attention is scattered. When it comes to communication, be direct, be assertive, and be clear about the intent. As long as you are clear, things should be clear sailing.