Happy’s Zen Horoscope (4th July – 10th July) Home, sweet home

The New Moon is in Cancer on the 9th, so enjoy a bigger than usual focus on family. In its most natural state at this time, the Moon is ‘in its home’

So with ‘home’ being the word of the day, look to see what and where gives you a feeling of security and stability and head right there.

The shorter the route, the more success you’ll have, because the best path for this week lies in placing yourself where it is that makes you feel secure and grounded. Home sweet home. 


A strong focus on creativity within the home, and patience for those that you love. This week sees an ending of any conflict, so it’s a great timeframe for healing, and letting go of the old, especially any old grievances, or little rifts. An encouraging week for building on your communication, so embrace your softer side, and bring your nurturing qualities to the forefront. The people in your life will be drawn to the comfort and support you are able to give. Whether it be just by listening, or a few comforting words where they are needed, it will make all the difference. 


No matter where you go or what you do, your radiant energy will be shining brightly on the people around you, whether it be at work or home, others feel to benefit from your generosity this week. Any sense of having hit the pause button, is about to change, so get ready. Events are lining back up, which will be the green light that you’ve been waiting for. So when you feel things start to move again, don’t hold back. If any setbacks have depleted your self confidence, just jump back on the saddle, and ride that horse into the sunset. Because destiny is calling, and it’s up to you to ride out and meet it. 


Bored? Feeling a little stuck or stifled by the everyday same same? Time to shake things up a little.  Don’t worry,  you don’t have to leave the house, or stray too far away from your comfort zones,  just enough to let a little spontaneity in. Be willing to grow, shed the old. Tap into your ambitions, and use your intellect to give things a  kick start. This is a timeframe to listen to your inner calling. Because it’s calling you now, you just have to be willing to hear it. 


Change for you this week, comes in the form of being open to the help of others. This most likely means your sense of control will be tested, but that’s ok, because sometimes the universe steps in to give you a little hand, or rather sends you an invitation to step up, so acceptance is key. Especially when it comes to any creative opportunities, because something legit may come through. And the more you tune in to your intuition and allow the Universe to guide you in this instance, the better the outcome will be.


Home provides you with the comfort of being who you really are, you know the side that most other people don’t get to see.  Maybe it’s your dark sense of humour, a secret life of sorts, or a project you’ve kept hidden from the world. While you may want to protect this part of yourself, this timeframe encourages you to express this side more openly with others, especially your family, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or your mates. Don’t be afraid to show your more private side every now and then. It will help you to connect with others on a deeper level. 


Personal setbacks, self-forgiveness, and moving on. Can’t undo the past, but you can move forward. Advice: don’t get stuck in any insecure or neggie feelings, and don’t let any obstacles or challenges get in your way. Because setbacks or challenges are not a sign you’re on the wrong path, sometimes they are the path. So if you’ve experienced any lost opportunities or suffered from a little lack of foresight or planning. Use this week to revise, and re-strategise if need be. Because things are about to pick up, and you’ll find that once again you have the space to move forward with your goals. 



Spending a little more time on the home front will lead you to some new perspectives this week. Maybe even as far as reinventing a new look for yourself and your surroundings. To help you along, get analytical in an intellectual way, not an emotional way. Because you’ll find that once you set out on this path of rearranging things to better suit your growth, that others may be less inclined to support a new status quo, so if you’re faced with a little resistance from others, just try your best to get things done anyway. Be the boss of yourself this week, be the boss of what you want done, and get it done. 


Less about what others can do for you, and more about what you can bring to the equation. If you are waiting for someone to make the first move personally or professionally, you are better off taking the initiative on this one. Because the planets are aligning for you at this time and you will see a wish come true.  So step up, and work with the universe to give things a helping hand. And as you move towards this new chapter, don’t let the past hinder you, let go of any old habits that no longer serve you, and remember, when you dance the world dances with you. 


Self-care is high on the Richter scale this week. Why the comparison of self-care to an earthquake? Well, quite frankly you need it, lest you erupt, or explode. Because if you don’t remember to self-care a bit more, it may lead you to meltdown. There is a gift in this for you, if you head towards self-care consciously, you can raise your self-awareness, which is a gift itself. 

So take responsibility for your emotional well being, self-care, self-nurture, do things that make you feel good, anything simple will do, even a bath. Just make sure you do it. 


This week is all about bringing a deeper dimension to your love life.  In every romantic relationship that goes the distance, physical love will grow into the highest love that there is, which is compassion.  It’s not always easy to grow and change as a couple, but this is what you are doing. Advice: for all Aries, during this time of moving towards your potential, practice presence, and stay centred. Do take a moment out to listen to your breathing, and with every breath that you exhale, feel yourself settle into the very centre of your being. You have the opportunity to grow personally and spiritually, so embrace it. 


Balance, patience and moderation. This week is all about bringing your life back into order. You may want to resist some things, but whatever you do, take the middle path, wait things out a bit before you go ahead with any plans. You still need some time, and home is calling you, so enjoy your family, and your surroundings. Think about what you’d like to do more or and less of, and alter the course of the week to accommodate for it. Because you have your own take on what success means, and that isn’t necessarily what it means to everybody else, and that suits you just fine. 


You are well into the planning process of what is that you want to get underway. If you come up against delays, don’t fall into thinking you’ve wasted your time or efforts, because you will get there. You may just need this time to take on a heavier workload, or more responsibility to get things done. It may feel exhausting or even wear you down a little,  but it is only temporary.  Just so long as you are prepared to put in some hard work now to accomplish what you want,  you will see that things will work out. Advice: find a healthy outlet to release any stress or tension so it doesn’t build up.