Happy’s Zen Horoscope (April 4th – 11th): Marie Kondo take the wheel, it’s decluttering season

The 4th of April sees the waning Moon in Capricorn, which is a great time to take a useful and practical approach to decluttering your life.

When it comes to responsibilities, this week sees that a bit of assessment is in order. Sure, it will require a bit of reflection and most likely a bit of honesty with yourself, but don’t be afraid to take a good hard look at the things in your life that need evaluating.

It’s time to be straight about what you need and what you don’t need, what is useful, and what is not.

And if you need to administer a little tough love either to yourself or to others in order to make your life clearer, cleaner, and tidier, then go ahead. Maybe adopt a little Capricorn pragmatism to make it easier, you know, for the greater good, just to get things done.


Aries, you are on point, pretty much doing exactly what you are meant to. If anything, because you are so in tune with your basic nature right now, it’s only going to make all of the awesome decisions that you have to make all the harder, because they will all be just that – freaking awesome. Wish I had your problems!

To stay grounded wear earthy colours; deep red, maybe a bit of orange, dusky pink, anything that looks like a perfect sun setting on your perfect day.


Taurus, there is a gift on its way for you, because this week is all about having a little time out. You deserve it – you work hard, and you are the epitome of what it means to be stable.

So make this week a gift to yourself. Indulge a bit; have a beer under a tree, eat ice cream. Surround yourself with as many soothing sounds that mother nature can provide; the ocean, a river, the wind through the trees, anything that is the exact opposite of the peak hour traffic, soul-crushing bullshit that so invariably makes up your working week.


Time to declutter Gemini – clean slate, you know what to do. A fresh start, fresh mind, fresh habits, and that means finding a healthy outlet to help you to destress, because lately you’ve been suppressing your natural energy, trying to keep up with too many demands and expectations. So it’s time to remove from your life what is really not necessary and find a new balance.

Useful tip, remove two or three ‘responsibilities’ from your life that you don’t really need to be doing, and replace them with one thing for yourself. A gym membership, a yoga class, a dance class, you feel me?


Chances are you are feeling pretty inspired about now, so roll with that. Sure there is going to be a lot of hard work coming up, but what doesn’t require a bit of elbow grease if you want to achieve something great?

So as you go about the preliminary stages of getting things ready for your next project – you know, that book or that startup that’s going to change the world –use this time to settle a little, and think about what you need to reorganise in your life so that you create the space for it.


Time to roll up your sleeves and get your project over the line. This is a week for eliminating unnecessary tasks so that you can have complete follow-through on anything that you want to finish.

Whatever you are in the midst of doing right now, it’s probably going to be big, and you don’t time have to wait around for a yes or a no from anyone, and if you are waiting, you probably won’t get it. So this week Leos, take it in your stride and keep going, you’re on your own. So own it.


If Virgos know anything, it’s how to be self-contained, and although you know how to meticulously get things done from start to finish all by yourself, sometimes you need a little help to move the bigger things around which may be making the process more difficult than it need be.

You’re observant enough to know that sometimes you need to take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and make your self-containment unit (aka your home, office, or creative space) more functional, or even more organised, so that you can be even more productive than you usually are.

Advice this week: ask someone to help you do one just bothersome thing. Just one. That’s it.


Time out sure has its benefits and Libras, you must have really needed some. After a week of reflection, you feel to know what it is that you want and don’t want in your life to make it better.

You know, more of this, less of that, and admittedly some of it is hard to do either of, but it’s a conscious choice, and when decisions are consciously made you can’t go wrong. Sometimes enough is enough and you need a change, and you are going to be amazed at the vitality and empowerment that these changes will bring to your life.


Knowing you Scorpios, you are having just a little bit of trouble letting go. Just don’t go and make it harder on yourself than you have to. You have a lot of love to give, so don’t waste it by putting up any unnecessary barriers or walls, because doing that only serves to prevent love from getting in, and the only thing that heals any kind of loss is love. And maybe a bit of time, but that’s up to you.

You are where you find yourself to be for a reason, so give up any ideas of revenge or conflict. Something better is waiting for you.


This week is all about rolling up your sleeves and pushing forward. Sure you have probably had a fair bit of success already, and sure it’s made you comfortable, so much so that you’ve become a bit lazy Saggies. A bit lazy, and maybe you have kind of stopped trying.

So if you are at this point now, get off your ass and evaluate your next move so that you can take the steps to make it. Even though you think you were done, you’re not – don’t be complacent. Complacency is not for you. So get going.


Busy week ahead Capricorns, busy week indeed. And the best way through all this busyness is to be available to what comes your way as it comes, which will require presence, the kind of presence that has everything to with the here and now, and what needs your attention as it comes to hand.

Advice: just focus on staying flexible and being yourself. Your beautiful, organised, ambitious, and practical self.


A great week for self-analysis, self-discovery, and introspection. Perfect for thinking about what the future holds, especially for those that are off adventuring.

What’s a better way to think about the future than to remove yourself from the norm, so that when you return you can come back with fresh eyes, and a fresh take on what’s next? How wonderful. How liberating.


The truth of your deepest being is trying to show you where to go right now, so Pisces, turn on your inner ear, your psychic superpower that you probably don’t use often enough, and let it guide you where you are meant to go.

Forget all about taking any cues from the outside, just listen to yourself, what do you need, what’s best for you? You will know what to do.