Happy’s Zen Horoscope (28th March – 3rd April): Get in loser, we’re going to therapy

Welcome to Happy’s Zen Horoscope! The 28th sees the Full Moon in Libra which means that this is a great time to focus on your emotional wellbeing.

If you are into baths, make it a bubble bath baby, and throw in some soothing salts while you’re at it. Allow that part of yourself that doesn’t always come out to rise to the surface, because this time frame favours self-examination, friendships, collaborations, a bit of decluttering, pampering, and experimenting with your look. horoscope

Full Moon in Libra is the perfect time to bring equilibrium back into your life, so whatever you need to create harmony and balance and make you feel even more beautiful is highly recommended. Contemplate and nurture the good feelings, and maybe let some of the more feely feels float away and pop with the bubbles.



Perfect timing for all things related to adventure and, yes, that means anything new that you wouldn’t ordinarily do, which is a piece of cake for you Aries because you are so freaking brave. Everything that you had been thinking about last week all feels to be put into action by now, so with all this newness, know that going forward will be easy. Really easy, you’ve done the hard stuff already. You know that the journey is the thing, and that’s the most important part, so enjoy this week, because it’s going to be a pretty great one.

Taurus horoscope

Sometimes you just have way too much on your mind, so much so, that you don’t actually have any room to fit any new thoughts in. So do yourself a little favour this week Taurus, and shut yourself away in your bedroom by yourself and give yourself the permission to say out loud, anything that is on your mind, just let it all out, swear words and all. Because you need space to allow newness to come into things. So, go on, create the space for new thoughts to come to you, and then you can go aaahhhh…. that’s better.

Gemini horoscope

Patience is a virtue, it really is, so no matter how much you or others in your life may want you to make a decision on something this week, the stars are just not aligned in your favour. Whether it’s in the form of actual information, like an email or a message, or it’s just from your own heart and mind, there is more information coming, so no, no decisions this week. But don’t worry, you will know when it’s time, trust me, it will be as clear as day, and you will be glad you waited.

Cancer horoscope

That leap of faith that you took last week, or were thinking of, is still lingering about, so do keep moving toward what you want. I know it feels like you’re groping in the dark sometimes, maybe you don’t really know how to approach what it is that you want to do. So when you do feel a little hesitant, just stop for a moment and take a deep breath, and you’ll know what to do next, you just will. This is where a bath comes in handy, so do as Frankie says, relax, and let your intuition take over for a bit.

Leo horoscope

Yes, is the order of the day. There is an opportunity this week to draw on some of your strengths, and you’re pretty much living your best life right now, so share the best of yourself like only you know-how. Bring the sunshine, be affectionate, be generous, give your time, and your money to those in need. Doesn’t mean you neglect your own needs, it’s just a matter of balance, and this week you can afford to give a little bit extra of yourself, which is kinda great. Plus, you know you love it because it means you get to shine.

Virgo horoscope

You have the fire, but maybe you are just a little afraid to use it. Maybe it’s because you feel like there are no guarantees, and you know what? There aren’t, but so what, that shouldn’t stop you from approaching everything in the most fun and most trusting way possible. So trust yourself, trust the path ahead. I know it’s hard given your nature, it may go against your more Vulcan-like tendencies, and in your mind maybe you’re actually quoting Spock, “Insufficient facts always invite danger.” But sometimes you gotta throw caution to the wind and just trust.

Libra horoscope

As obsessed with balance as you are, given your star sign symbol is the only inanimate object of the zodiac, you strive to maintain orderliness in all areas. As mentally and as aesthetically pleasing as this is, there can be a drawback from time to time, and that is when you are so busy keeping everything running, that sometimes you forget how to take a break. So take a break, a real one, because there’s a little Zen saying, “life is not a business to be managed, but a mystery to be lived”. There is an upside to taking a break, your work will flow more smoothly from a relaxed state of mind. Win, win.

Scorpio horoscope

You are past the point of no return, so keep allowing gravity to do its work. Whatever finished, your job, a relationship, education, anything that kind of defined who you thought you were, just allow it to be just that, finished. Because something new is coming, and it is going to be amazing. Embrace this time as a little “me time” reflect, indulge your senses, get to know yourself all over again. Because with all that you have experienced lately, you won’t look at things in the same shade of purple that you used to, and that’s ok because you will be all the more colourful for it.


Nice week for a party, the sun has finally come out, so what are you waiting for? If there isn’t a weird-ass artsy soirée happening in your hood, maybe just grab a couple of mates and head outdoors anyway. There are more opportunities than you realise to have a bit of fun, because if it’s not scheduled on a calendar, sometimes you forget to do it. So whatever you do this week, make it fun, make it a celebration. Because as intelligent as you know you are, sometimes you need to be a little foolish, and friends are good for that. They will always bring you the balance that you need.


Time to think less about what your partner can or can’t do for you, and more about what you can do for you. Sure sometimes your boo isn’t perfect, but in reality, who is? So if there is anything that you think they should be doing for you but aren’t, stop that thought in its tracks, and turn it straight back around to you, because it’s probably something that you need to take responsibility for but just don’t realise it. That is called the art of projection, use it, it’s a very useful tool in raising your self-awareness, and that is what this week is all about.


A great week for participation and doing something that benefits the bigger picture, as opposed to what you may get out of it as an individual. The kind of thing where you couldn’t do it alone, like it literally requires a village to get it done. Families, teamwork, community spirit. This is something that you are more than equipped for, what with you save the world mindset and the actual fact that you have the smarts to do it – read: PhD. Immerse yourself for a bit, help to get something over the line, because this will not only nourish you, but you’ll be contributing something precious to the whole.

Pisces Horoscope

There may be a lot being asked of you this week, things could get a little stressful. As you know, Pisces can be a little slippery when it comes to stress, either swimming away as fast as they can or switching off to fantasy mode to avoid it altogether. And this week you may find that you are very tempted to do one of these things. So if you are feeling the pressure, it’s essential to also find a healthy healing outlet to release whatever stress or tension you may be feeling. Shout a loud “fuck all y’all” if need be, just to shake up your energy to allow it to circulate freely.