OnlyFans can align your chakras with a growth in psychic content

OnlyFans can align your chakras with a boom in psychic content

‘Fans’ with an appetite for spiritual guidance can now relish psychic and tarot readings via the OnlyFans platform.

The problematic censorship found on other social platforms stops mystics, tarot readers and psychics from sharing their talents and tokens of wisdom. However, OnlyFans is stepping in to offer the niche market a safe space to do so – one of their best-loved brand characteristics.

With the raunchy subscription service fundamentally known for its NSFW content, the transition into alternative, “SFW” content has indeed increased, shown by their month-on-month growth rate (of 70 per cent, to be precise) and a rate of 85 million registered users as of January this year.

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Though these stats are mostly due to celebrities joining the service (hi, Bella Thorne), it’s also thanks to the pandemic; as: “some people who lost their jobs, income, or are on lockdown due to COVID has turned to OnlyFans to make money/as a side hustle“. And we can now see it’s gone beyond creators showing off some skin.

After a year of utter confusion and uncertainty thanks to the global nemesis who goes by the name of ‘Coronavirus‘, it appears typical content just isn’t satisfying our desires anymore when mindlessly scrolling through social media. People crave guidance, advice, healing; and are starting to find such information ‘unconventional’ methods.

Tarot reader Jennifer Bianchi voiced this to DAZED when mentioning how “the world is changing“.

People are increasingly aware that there’s more to the world than what they can see or touch. People are looking for answers on why their life is the way it is, and ‘usual’ content isn’t providing them with that anymore.

In an OnlyFans blog, the platform described their gratitude towards their valuable array of tarot readers and psychics as a great way for their audiences to connect with themselves “and others on a more spiritual level“.

The platform also shared how a deeper understanding of one’s “past, present and future” could lead “to a more meaningful life“.

Tarot reader/YouTube sensation, Jennifer Bianchi (a.k.a Jennifer Tarot) said to DAZED that: “When people understand that there is almost no control over what’s happening in the world, they start to look for a higher sense to things” … “Tarot can provide clarity.”

Tarot reader Jessica Luna (a.k.a  The Artisan Tarot) also noted that her personal appeal of the platform “lies in its offer of self-governance” when she told DAZED how psychic hotlines don’t exactly provide a highly exciting income.

Luna revealed that several hotlines would make them do readings for free, and other hotlines might take half or three-quarters of their earnings. As OnlyFans takes 20 per cent of creators’ earnings, Luna noted that working with this percentage is a lot more affordable for her and her lifestyle.


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Astrologist and psychic Rissa Vibes spoke to DAZED about how she maximises her spiritual content by using the poll tool to understand what her audience is seeking from her and how she can further captivate them.

Using this appeal, Vibes’ services range from energy readings, guided meditations or mindful practices. The poll tool ultimately helps users gain what they want from the accounts they follow, and boosts the value of content found on OnlyFans.

Vibes also says she uses the platform as her “virtual diary” to share experiences and epiphanies due to the way OnlyFans gives creators freedom of expression. She revealed how it’s helped her reconnect to parts of herself (and her spiritual work) that she’s closed off on other social platforms in the past as she’s felt they’ve “discouraged” such forms of expression.

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Luna also noted that people want to live their lives the way they see fit, especially after a curveball like the pandemic.

If more people are called to come to spiritual healers during this time – and as long as they are ready to get to know themselves on an intimate level – then that is a beautiful thing,” she said.

Again, it doesn’t stop there. Metro noted how “some food and fitness influencers share premium recipes and workouts to their paying subscribers,” as well as adult content and videos surrounding spiritual guidance. What else will OnlyFans bring users in 2021? Well, maybe that’s a good question for a psychic…