Happy’s Zen Horoscope (25th July – 31st July): Be a drama queen

Mercury enters Leo on the 27th, which makes it the perfect transit for creative energy. If you have a story to tell, express it as theatrically as you can.

Expect a few emotions, especially those that can help to clear the way for a new perspective. Let this steer you through the remainder of the week to the 29th, with a little help from Mars entering Virgo, and get productive with it all. 


You are your own best teacher. But for those times where you just can’t push past certain boundaries, or when things feel a little stuck, do look to those in your life that have the ability to teach you something new. Whether it be a loved one, a close friend, or someone in a professional capacity, this is a great week to reach out for a little help in any area where you feel like there is a need for a bit of a shakeup. Be inspired, and expand your consciousness in new and improved ways.  


This week you may find yourself drawn to being quieter than usual, this may be due to new realisations that there is a lot more that falls to you than you may have otherwise thought. Accustominsing yourself to a new normal can take time, and although this feeling will pass, do make self care a priority. And if you feel like talking, reach out to a trusted friend, and for this week forget about anyone that doesn’t lovingly support you. Avoid trolls of any kind.


There may be some external pressure to things this week, making you doubt yourself, or perhaps weigh you down a little. A little reminder Libra, you don’t have to do everything yourself you just think you do. Do yourself a kindness and remove yourself from the stress, just take a walk, and do something super ordinary to destress. Then take a look at your responsibilities, or any tasks you may have taken on lately, and if you find that it’s all too much, narrow things down, and refocus your attention on one or two things instead of a zillion.


Great timeframe to begin a new project, especially anything that is connected to the abode that you live in. This may require you to tap into some cool and collected character traits, so be discerning, establish boundaries, so that once you start,  you can get your project over the line. On the professional front, if there is something that you want to say this is a good week for it, you’ll find that you can get straight to the point,  especially when it comes to money.


Super creative week ahead, which will have you questioning whether to run with a new idea or whether to leave it as just that,  an idea.  If you are having trouble deciding, do look at any synchronicities happening around you. This will be all the information that you need. Along the way, if you are inspired to read up on something new, study or to simply immerse your mind researching things that you know very little about, but have always been kinda interested, this is definitely encouraged.


Nice week for change, especially the kind that helps you to break any cycles that have been negatively affecting your ability to take your creativity to the next level. 

Financially, you’ll find a new perspective to things,  you will be able to take more control of your spending, especially when it comes to savings, and holding onto what’s yours, as you may find a desire to spend less freely than before, in particular when it comes to others.


Just when you thought you were comfortable, change comes along. Creative revelations await you this week Aquaruis. Especially the kind that requires creativity within your relationships. In particular the new ones, in which you may inquire internally about what you do and don’t want, and just how much you’re willing to give. You don’t have  to make any executive decisions at this stage, so if you feel like having fun, have fun, if you feel like being extra communicative, go all out. 


Hit the pause button, and go out of your way to gain a new perspective on things that may have been troubling you. Especially if you are experiencing circumstances that seem beyond your control. Even though this may be totally going against your grain you are being forced to slow down for a good reason. So don’t resist it, go with the Universes flow at this time, and rejuvenate your spirits by doing things that you may not ordinarily get the chance to do. By creating space in this way, you will be better able to realign with your sense of purpose.


Who’s the boss? You’re the boss Aries, and don’t you forget it. This week is all about stepping up and taking the vision of the future that you have with you, and heading towards it.  Because the determining factor in the outcome at this time falls to you, all you, Aries,  so start over if you have to, embrace this personal transformation that you are experiencing, and release what no longer serves you, you’ve got this.


Creative opportunities, and inspired ideas. Let your curious mind take you to new places. Because this is a great week to explore a part of yourself that you may be less familiar with. So if you feel inclined, start that art class, or read the kind of books that will help you to develop creatively, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Wear your heart on your sleeve a little more, and trust your intuition, you’ll find the synchronicities that are happening all around you, have actually been there this whole time, guiding you forward.


A good week to go it alone, maybe you just need a break from people, or maybe you just feel inclined to do things for yourself, in your own time, in your own way. Whatever the case, use this aloneness to realign things for yourself.  Especially if you feel that your professional life needs a revamp, and if your skills are being underutilized, perhaps use this time to rethink things, and maybe think about a move you can make that would better suit you in terms of growth.


Love, and success, this week has it all. If you are in a new relationship, chances are it’s feeling pretty good, so enjoy this honeymoon phase while it lasts. Perhaps some of you have reached an important milestone in your relationships, which can only mean one thing, growth. And growth, potentially comes with some challenges, but with the love you have, you can expect support and encouragement from all quarters. Do keep an eye on balance with all these love feels, don’t forget to turn some of that towards yourself, as self love is equally important.