Hate the small talk that comes with getting an Uber? ‘Quiet Mode’ is here for you

Are you sick of making awkward small talk with your Uber driver? You may be in luck, as Uber have just announced a range of new features for Uber Black customers, one of them being ‘Quiet Mode’.

Quiet Mode will allow riders to indicate to drivers whether they’d prefer to not speak during the trip by selecting it on the app. This will be handy if you need to get work done during the trip, want to take a nap, or if you’re just not into socialising that day.

quiet mode

Uber Black’s new feature Quiet Mode is a chance for users to say no to small talk and opt for a chat-free ride. Perfect for the introverts.

As most Uber customers use UberX, the cheapest car-riding option after Uber Pool, the new features may be a way of persuading customers to choose Uber Black rides.

Other new features include ‘Help with Luggage’ to notify drivers you’ll need a hand with baggage, ‘Temperature Control’, to let riders choose the temperature in the car, ‘Extended Pickup Period’ to make sure your driver doesn’t leave without you, and ‘Premium Support’ with live agents.