Heck yes: Uber Pet is officially trialling in Australia as of tomorrow

Not owning a car is a reality many pet owners face, and it can be increasingly difficult taking your best friend out for more than just a walk in the local park. Well good news, Uber is finally launching Uber Pet in Australia!

The trial will launch in Sydney and Brisbane tomorrow, Tuesday, March 10 and if successful, Uber Pet will become a paw-manent option on the Uber app!

uber pet

Pet owners in Sydney and Brisbane can relax with Uber Pet launching trials tomorrow, ready to transport you and your furry friend to your destination.

The service will be available on the Uber app as a separate option alongside existing choices UberX, Comfort, and Pool and will cost an extra $6-7 per ride.

This will make it much easier to plan trips to pet-friendly parks, beaches, and doggy yoga, and will also help with vet visits when needed (don’t tell your cat!).

Additionally, it’ll give your pets an excuse to listen to the awesome playlists Spotify have put together for them on the ride.

“All household pets are accepted on rides, including turtles and hamsters, as well as caged birds and fish in bowls or bags,” said Uber when they first launched Uber Pet.

“Riders can bring more than one animal at the driver’s discretion.”

Drivers can opt-out from the new option, but who wouldn’t want to say hey to some cute and furry friends on their daily rides!

FYI, Uber stresses that passengers with service animals should continue to select the regular Uber option, as required by law.

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