Spotify are now putting playlists together for your pet

Spotify are now putting playlists together for your pet

Playlists are like musical collages of yourself. Your Spotify playlist probably says a lot about you, depending on the type of person you are. And this is what ultimately assists Spotify’s algorithms to predict and collect music that would be suited to you.  Well, now the streaming giant has taken it one step further by introducing Spotify for pets!

Pet Playlists is the latest addition to Spotify, giving you the option to list specific characteristics about your pet to help determine their preferred tunes.

Is it a myth that pets can enjoy or even understand music as humans do? We’ve all seen those viral youtube videos of a dog howling along to someone playing piano, but I couldn’t look at my pet iguana and tell you straight away that he’d be Drake fan.

Spotify reckons it’s got the formula for any feline, reptile or canine friend, with a preset list of questions that allows you to identify the type of creature you’ve got in mind.

Just like obsessed dog owners who are certain that their dog can understand the English language perfectly well, I guess Spotify believes in the same kind of myth.

Follow this link and try it out for yourself. Watch in awe or horror as your pet parrot begins to sing along to its apparent favourite Rick Astley track!