Study shows dog owners take more photos of their pet than their partner

If you find yourself obsessing over your dog more than your spouse, apparently you’re not alone.

A recent study has confirmed that the majority of dog owners take more photos of their canine friend than their partner, along with a whole host of other things.

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If you secretly love your dog more than your spouse you might not be alone – a new study from Rover shows just how much we love our furry friends.

Rover is a website which connects pet sitters with pet owners who are looking for someone to mind their darling whilst they’re away. A recent study conducted by the platform gives insight into the habits of dog owners, and they’re adorable.

To kick us off, it was reflected that 65% of pet owners admitted to taking more photos with or of their dog than of their partner.

And you know that feeling you get when you leave your fur baby for more than a couple of hours? Well, it isn’t just you – around half of the participants in the study also admitted to missing their pet more than their partner when they are away for a minimum of a week.

Pet lifestyle expert Brandie Gonzales says this stems from a deep-seated need for us to want our pets to love us just as much as we love them. “Our dog is our best friend, and we want to be our dog’s best friend too,” she described.

So when you walk in the door after a long day and the first thing you do is give your BFF a hug – don’t feel bad –56% of the studied population do the same thing before greeting anyone else in their family.

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