Man buried in snow films the exact moment a rescue dog saves him

Meet Flo, the four-year-old rescue dog who majors in saving people in the wilderness and being an 11/10 good boy.

A volunteer from Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England captured the moment Flo tunnelled to his rescue during a training session, and the end result is too wholesome for this world.

rescue dog flo

A man buried in snow has captured and posted the wholesome moment that a rescue dog tunnelled in to save him.

With precision and speed, Flo quickly tunnels through the icy snow to the man’s aid and saves him from the cold English wilderness. Just proving that he is to be protected at all costs.

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England trains rescue dogs to save people in wild or remote areas. Each doggo has to undergo 2-3 years of training, putting their snouts to good use by learning to ‘Air Scent’. The organisation advertises on their site, “all of our training is undertaken with praise and rewards for the dog. Some are happy to work for their squeaky toy while others prefer food!”

MRSDE has saved 31 lives since 2013, and often works alongside the Police Force on missing persons cases. But, Flo isn’t the only doggo out there saving the world. In November last year, Bear the koala-rescuing doggo went viral for being a conservational hero.

During the worst of the fire season, Bear traveled around with Sunshine Coast rescue teams to find and save injured koalas. He even had to wear fire protective booties so his little paws didn’t get hurt.