Grab your fur-baby and head down to The Bank for Dog Day this weekend

We don’t care what Florence Welch says, the dog days are certainly not over, because Dog Day is literally happening this Sunday at The Bank Hotel.

Only half that statement is true. In actual fact, we’re hanging off every word Florence says, but on Sunday, The Bank Hotel are encouraging everyone to bring their good boys and good girls along to the pub.

You wont have to look your favourite pooch in its sorrow-filled eyes as you close the door to head off for Sunday drinkies, because they’re coming with you this weekend.

Dog Day Bank Hotel

The Bank are transforming their iconic hotel into an equally iconic doggo heaven for a day of doggie markets, giveaways, and so much more.

One of those said giveaways will be a prize given to the best-dressed pup on the day thank to Rufus & Coco and Healthy Everyday Pets.

Plus, every time you buy a schooner or jug of Young Henrys Newtowner, The Bank will send a bit of your money from each purchase to Fetching Dogs, a charity committed to saving dogs and puppies from uncertain futures in NSW.

So spend your Sunday at your favourite venue, with your favourite people, and your favourite furry friends, while you help save some lil’ puppers every time you sink a beer. Is that not the most perfect day ever?

While you don’t need to book a table to get in, every man and his dog (lmao) will be at The Bank on Sunday, so bookings are definitely encouraged to make sure you don’t miss out!