In a parallel universe: James Bond theme songs that didn’t make the cut

You may not be aware that there have been quite a few potential James Bond theme songs that didn’t make the cut over the years.

A number of musicians have been rejected in their attempt to pitch for the theme and you might be surprised at who didn’t hack it. Here we reimagine the franchise if these artists were successful in their bid to nab the highly coveted job.

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There were a number of well-known musicians that didn’t make the cut when they wrote a theme song for a James Bond film.

Here are our top three reimagined:

1. Thunderball (1965)

The 1965 Bond film was originally written and sung by Johnny Cash but a last minute decision meant that the theme song was actually covered by Tom Jones. We’ve found a remake of the opening scene using Cash’s version of Thunderball:

2. For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Blondie were set to sing the theme for For Your Eyes Only following the release of 1978’s Parallel Lines and 1979’s Eat to the Beat. Unfortunately, the studio wasn’t on board and instead Sheena Easton covered the theme song. Blondie’s version did get some air time on their album The Hunter in 1982. The band broke up just six months later.

3. Spectre (2015)

When producers for this Bond film were looking for musicians to cover their next theme song, Radiohead were in the midst of their ninth studio album. The band were asked to create something for the film which was ultimately rejected for being too dark. Instead, Sam Smith got his break with Writing’s on the Wall despite Radiohead later receiving great feedback for the original track proposed for the film.