Listen here to the oldest song in the world: A three-thousand year-old cult chant

In the early 50’s, archaeologists discovered discovered a series of clay tablets in an ancient Syrian city formerly known as Ugarit.

The tablets displayed a series of symbols that have since been recognised as the oldest song ever to be discovered; a 3,400 year-old Sumerian hymn.

They really just don’t make music like they use to: Listen to the oldest song ever to be uncovered. It’s a three-thousand year-old cult hymn.

Now let’s be real, this track is an absolute banger. It’s just a matter of time before this is lighting up Sunday arvo sesh playlists around the country.

The interpretation seen above was developed in 1972 by Anne Draffkorn Kilmer, professor of Assyriology at the University of California.

n a 1988 Archeologia Musicalis article, Richard Fink explains that the discovery of this tune “flies in the face of most musicologist’s views that ancient harmony was virtually non-existent (or even impossible) and the scale only about as old as the Ancient Greeks.”

Do yourself a favour and listen to the song above. It’s well worth your while… trust me.

Via Open Culture